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Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers Installation & Repair

Choosing the Right Dock Bumpers for Your Installation

Your dock bumpers provide important protection for your facility and loading dock. So, when they start to wear out or crack, they need to be replaced. ProLift is the answer you can trust. We offer dock bumpers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all so we can best meet your individual needs. Whether you have a small manufacturing facility or a large warehousing operation, we are your one-stop shop for all your dock bumpers installation and repair needs.

There are many factors to consider when choosing dock bumpers for your facility including:

  • Level of the incline or decline
  • The dock’s height
  • Condition of the mounting face
  • Frequency of use

At ProLift, we can take into account all of these considerations and help you select the right dock bumpers for safety, protection and reliability – today and for years to come.

Laminated & Molded Dock Bumpers

Whatever your dock bumper installation needs, we can give you access to products that can withstand wear and tear, along with plenty of friction and use. If, however, your dock bumpers simply need to be repaired, our trained technicians can help there, too. We will take the time to come out and assess the condition of your bumpers so we can make the proper recommendations for repair or replacement. We can also help if your bumpers are the wrong size for your building, or if they’re poor quality.

Currently, we carry a variety of models, including Pioneer and Rite-Hite DokSaver. We also offer both laminated and molded styles of dock bumpers:

  • Laminated: Laminated dock bumpers provide the best in heavy-duty protection for docks that endure excessive use. They’re also maintenance-free and weather-resistant.
  • Molded: Molded dock bumpers offer an affordable option for low-traffic docks and loading areas.

Learn More About Dock Bumpers from ProLift

The force of a truck can cause major structural damage not only to your loading dock, but also to your actual building. The impact of the force can be greatly offset when you have the right size and style loading dock bumpers. Let the team at ProLift work with you to find the best-fit dock bumpers for your needs – so we can make your loading areas more efficient and safer, too.

At ProLift, we can handle full installations of dock bumpers, as well as repairs and fixes. Simply call us today and schedule your free consultation to learn more.

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