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4 Tips to Secure Your Home with Your Overhead Garage Door

Posted by ProLift Doors on 9.1.23

Your home’s security is vital to your safety and comfort. But do you consider all angles when thinking about your security options? Garage doors aren’t often included in these considerations, but they can affect how protected your home is from intruders. Here are four tips to help you maximize your security with your overhead garage […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Needs Summer Service

Posted by ProLift Doors on 8.1.23

Garage doors see a lot more action in the summer, so it makes sense that they’d need a little more attention. Be that as it may, it’s not the whole story. Here are four reasons why you should schedule garage door service this summer: 1. Heat and Humidity While you and yours might love the […]

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Create a Garage Lounge Space for 4th of July

Posted by ProLift Doors on 7.1.23

Everyone wants to celebrate with friends and family on the 4th of July. But what if the guest list is getting a bit too big for your backyard or basement? Homeowners who love to host are always looking for new, creative ways to use existing spaces to entertain. And now, here are some simple ways […]

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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Out of Town

Posted by ProLift Doors on 6.8.23

With plane tickets and luggage in hand this summer, many homeowners will travel all over to find their own version of paradise. If you’re planning a vacation as a homeowner, there’s a lot to consider before you put up your feet for the week. Be certain your home security is not overlooked with these quick […]

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3 Ways to Keep Your Garage a Safe Space

Posted by ProLift Doors on 5.2.23

With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to make memories outdoors while the weather is still mild. However, every time you leave the home for an adventure, your garage door sustains wear and tear. The longer a garage goes without maintenance means an increase in safety risks. With May being garage […]

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4 Alternative Uses for Your Garage

Posted by ProLift Doors on 4.4.23

The garage is commonly used as an informal storage unit, but many homeowners don’t realize the opportunities this space holds. Adding livable square footage to your home not only boosts your property value, but can also add activity space. With a little imagination, there are countless ways to transform your garage. Here are a few […]

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Give the Gift of a Garage Door Tune-Up

Posted by ProLift Doors on 3.6.23

The numerous holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays throughout the year offer many opportunities for homeowner gift-giving. If you are not sure what gift to give, consider gifting a garage door tune-up to your friend or loved one. Garage door tune-ups are often overlooked by homeowners, so this can make a great practical and needed gift. A […]

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Create New Family Space in Your Garage

Posted by ProLift Doors on 1.30.23

February is a great time of year to slow down, take stock of your priorities, and make sure you are spending enough time with your family. One of the most effective ways to make memories at home is to create a new activity room. Your garage is a great place to start. Here are a […]

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New Year, New Garage Opportunities

Posted by ProLift Doors on 1.3.23

The new year allows everyone a fresh start. Last year is in the past, and the future is full of possibilities. If you’ve been looking to make a positive change in your home, consider starting in the garage. Your garage offers the perfect space to pick up old hobbies and create more functional spaces. Pick […]

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ProLift: The Same-Day Garage Door Experts 

Posted by ProLift Doors on 9.1.22

ProLift: The Same-Day Garage Door Experts If you’re on the hunt for experienced garage door technicians, look no further. At ProLift Garage Doors, we provide customers with garage door repair services, fast and communicative technicians, and same-day service.  About ProLift Garage Doors At ProLift Garage Doors, we’re experts in garage door service and repairs. Instead […]

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