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Choosing A New Garage Door: Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing A New Garage Door: Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing A New Garage Door: Frequently Asked Questions
It's here! 2020 marks the beginning of a brand-new year and, heck, a brand-new decade too! Time to set and accomplish some goals people!

Most St. Louis homeowners will complete certain home improvements this year. Why? Well, it's important to safeguard your largest investment by consistently improving your house whether it's painting an interior room, landscaping the lawn, refreshing a kitchen or bath.... or installing a new garage door.

Some folks overlook their garage door - failing to give it proper attention - and then become frustrated when it needs care. If a total door breakdown occurs or you're notified by your city (or HOA) that the door is an unsightly hazard, it becomes urgent. And emergencies are never fun.

Pro Tip: Show your garage door a little love and respect with regular maintenance, cleaning and updating. Be proactive. Be a good neighbor. Be 'gung ho' and care for your garage door in 2020 with timely repairs or full replacement.

But in the meantime, let us share helpful answers to questions YOU may have...


New Garage Door FAQs:

"How much does a new garage door cost?"

EVERYONE asks about cost and so should you!

Our initial answer to cost is: 'It depends'. (I know, I know.... that's not much of an answer.) But no worries, pros like us will provide a solid, guaranteed price after: (1) seeing your garage and existing door (2) taking measurements and (3) discussing what you're thinking, style-wise, material-wise, and budget-wise.

Most importantly, there's ALWAYS plenty of options when it comes to choosing a door that jives with your personal preferences and your budget too.

In the end, garage door prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Ask for price comparisons and firm quotes for two or three types of doors you're considering. And then be sure to ask for an all-inclusive price so that you're truly comparing apples-to-apples.

So... yep, when it comes to garage door pricing, 'it depends.'

"How long will a garage door last?"

Quality, well-cared-for garage doors can last 15+ years. Some even longer! But those of us working in the industry have seen a major change in garage door longevity. Why?


"Modern home construction and automatic door openers have changed the way people use their garage door. Garage doors are featured prominently on most modern homes and account for 30-40% of a home's street-facing facade.

They also represent the shortest path to the kitchen which makes it the most convenient way to get into a home. Couple that with the door being an automatic device--with a keypad, remote, and smartphones (which can open and close a garage door now). These things have increased how frequently the garage door is used (and the number of cycles it goes through each day.)"

- ProLift Garage Doors on YouTube

Side Note: Beyond garage door usage, one other factor is relevant in garage door longevity. MATERIALS. Many folks opt for low maintenance, lighter weight, energy efficient doors made of steel or composite compared to heavy, high maintenance and expensive solid wood garage doors that were standard in years past.


"What type of garage door is best?"

Boy, THAT's another question that should be answered with 'It depends'. Best what? Best price, best color, best style... best everything?

Price - When it comes to garage door prices, a door with the absolute 'best' price (if best price is defined as lowest price) will surely be less desirable. On the other hand, a door with a slightly higher initial price tag may actually be the better value because of quality construction, longer lifespan, reliable operation and solid warranty. Like most other purchases, a 'rock bottom' discount won't indicate an optimal door choice because it'll be MORE expensive in the long run.

Pro Tip: So when it comes to garage door price, use the Goldilocks strategy and strive for finding the garage door price that's not too low, not too high but 'just right'!

Color and Style - Regarding door color and style, your personal preferences and your home's architecture should determine what's 'best'. Today's garage doors come in a wide variety of standard factory finish colors (beyond basic white). Custom pigments are available too but will add some cost to the door. Optional style add-ons include things like windows, hardware, panel patterns, insulation, garage door openers and more.

Pro Tip: There are a whole lot of garage door colors and styles nowadays, BUT the 'best' choice hinges on what YOU prefer!

"Which is better, a garage door made of wood or steel?"

Wood AND steel garage doors are both great options for homeowners. But there ARE significant differences between these materials, primarily cost and maintenance.

Wooden garage doors are more expensive than steel (or composite) garage doors. Prices within wood species - cedar, oak, mahogany etc. - also differ. Certain homeowners, however, LOVE the unmatched look of solid wood doors regardless of the extra expense and maintenance requirements (sanding, painting, staining). Oh and one more thing... solid wood is HEAVY so automatic and manual garage door operation isn't as simple as it is with lighter weight doors.

By comparison, steel and composite garage doors are less expensive and easier to maintain when compared to wood. They're lighter weight yet strong and durable; energy efficient yet cost effective; easier to install, maintain, and open manually. Maybe best of all, steel and composite doors today are oh-so-stylish with traditional, contemporary, mid century modern and carriage house designs. That's what makes these doors a favorite among homeowners.

For the full scoop, go here; "The Benefits of Wood and Faux Wood Garage Doors".


"What colors are available for new garage doors?"

Ever shop for paint? There's no end to the color options available! And garage door color choices are similar. You'll never have a problem getting the color you want. More than likely, you'll find yourself with too many choices! But again, no worries... pros like us will remove the guesswork.

For example: Are you someone who loves the latest color trends or are you inspired by traditional and timeless color tones? Prefer neutrals or are you drawn to big, bold colors that really stand-out? What colors are featured on the exterior of your house? Do you have a neighborhood association? If so, does the HOA have specific guidelines about garage door color? Would you like to see a computerized mock-up of your home with different color doors before deciding?

For every answer to your garage door color questions, go here:"How To Choose A Color for Your New Garage Door".

"What garage door design will look best with my home's exterior?"

Garage door varieties are generally tagged as: contemporary, traditional and carriage house design. BUT there's crossover. For example a 'traditional' door transforms to 'mid century modern' simply by using a vertical window stack. A carriage house door with a trendy - or daring - color will be modernized. A glass garage door framed in wood... well, you get the idea.

Here's what you should remember...

"If you're wondering how to select a new garage door with the hundreds of options available today, you're not alone. The sheer number of combinations for garage door styles (and materials, colors and add-ons!) can be overwhelming. But it doesn't need to be... here's the process: pick a style, choose the material, select a color, determine options (if any) and now you're done. But did you know that computerized renderings of what your new garage door will look like BEFORE purchase and installation are available? Yes they are!"

-Prolift Garage Doors Blog

For more details: Garage Door Styles and How To Choose The Right One For Your Home.


"How about adding garage door windows, insulation and new opener?"

Say 'YES' to all three. And here's why...

Windows are a favorite. Why? Windows add depth and dimension to a garage door, especially for large double doors that can appear overly blocky. Matching the door windows to your home's other windows creates a seamless exterior design too. In addition, window glass can be tinted, etched, insulated and more. So, be sure to ask about garage door windows.

Why go windowless? Some homeowners opt out of garage door windows because (1) the driveway is used by kids to play ball (2) a garage door with flush panels is the preferred design (3) security concerns.

Insulation equals energy efficiency and savings. Garages are one of the least energy efficient parts of your home and a garage door with insulation helps to alleviate this problem. Other benefits include (1) built-in insulation strengthens the door (2) insulation reduces outside noise (3) the door during operation is a bit quieter (4) insulation protects all things inside the garage from extreme temperatures too.

Pro Tip: R-Value is the measurement used for garage door insulation. The higher the R-Value, the better.

New garage door openers have lots of advantages. When you replace your garage door, you may want to replace your opener(s) too. Why? Well, new garage door openers have high tech features for extra safety, security and convenience.

Pro Tip: Think 'smart garage door technology', all from your smart phone. Anywhere. Anytime. What will they think of next?

Key Takeaways:

  • Don't let your garage door be an afterthought.
  • A brand-new garage door in 2020 is a must-have home improvement project with nearly 100% ROI. It'll spruce up your home with great aesthetics, energy efficiency and up-to-date safety and security features. Oh and you'll have plenty of extra conveniences with smart door openers too!
  • Update and upgrade your garage door and you'll up your home value.
  • Want to see a recent and fantastic industry report about garage door value? Go here: 'Remodeling Cost vs Value Report'.

Next Steps:

Curious about a new garage door for 2020? Or wondering if your existing door has some life left and a safety check, tune-up and maintenance may suffice? Either way, we can help.

Homeowners throughout the St. Louis area trust us because - we not only work here and live here - we're homeowners just like you. If you live in Greater St. Louis – including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County – give us a try. You'll be really glad you did.

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