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How Much Does A New Garage Door Cost?

How Much Does A New Garage Door Cost?

How Much Does A New Garage Door Cost?

Are you in the market for a new garage door and wondering what a door costs nowadays?

The answer is, "It depends."

BUT HANG ON... I'll get more specific.

Whenever a homeowner has questions about installing a new garage door, of course a FAQ is about the expense. Price is important to everyone (and I mean everyone!) because budget - combined with the door's looks - is often THE deciding factor for a purchasing decision. So here are five (5) things that will determine a garage door's price.

5 Things Influencing Garage Door Cost:

(1) Which TYPE of garage door do you want - custom, semi-custom or standard?

A standard garage door is the most economical door. It's ready made and ready-to-go, fast to order and easy for a pro to install. Standard doors are excellent for the homeowner or investor readying a house for sale OR for the budget-conscious homeowner in a starter house.

A custom garage door - on the other hand - is typically the most expensive option. This door is often used in luxury home design when a very specific aesthetic is desired for a one-of-a-kind-design. Working from professional renderings and exact specifications, certain garage door manufacturers will handcraft a door to meet your needs. See the header photo above? THESE are custom doors and are indeed a perfect and beautiful feature of the expansive garage.

A semi-custom door will be 'the best of both worlds'. Semi-custom is the route to take for homeowners who want to include certain features for their garage door design WITHOUT the cost of full customization. Why build a door 'from the ground up' when instead, mixing and matching features such as panel pattern, color, windows and decorative hardware is easy to do! Get the look you want while saving money by tweaking the options as seen below. (Faux wood steel door in oak, windows with grilles, decorative hardware for a carriage house look.)

Faux Wood Garage Door, Wildwood, Mo by ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis - oak, with windows, grilles and hardware

(2) Which STYLE of garage door do you want?

Generally speaking, garage door styles are divided into three categories: traditional, contemporary and carriage house (with and without variations). But if you're unsure about design details nowadays, check out our popular blog post, "Garage Door Styles and How To Choose The Right One For Your Home".

Let your home's exterior design - along with your personal taste - be your guide for garage door fashion. No matter if your house is a traditional ranch, Colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman, mid century modern, contemporary, modern farmhouse or something else, we've got the ideal garage door for you. And as the saying goes, "Today's garage doors are NOT your parents (or grandparents) garage doors".

As a side note: Different styles come with different price tags but a reputable pro like ProLift offers free design ideas and quotes on new doors. No surprises here.

Steel garage doors in 'Slate' color for a weathered wood look, by ProLift Garage Doors Savannah Ga

(3) Which garage door MATERIAL do you prefer - steel, composite, glass, wood?

When it comes to garage doors, different materials will appeal to different people; however, each one could be a fantastic choice. Here's the quick rundown...

Steel garage doors - or a combination of steel and composite - are often a homeowner's first choice and for good reason! Steel is budget-friendly yet durable, low maintenance yet stylish, light weight yet energy efficient.

Wooden garage doors were the 'standard' years ago and wood doors today continue to 'get the nod' because of natural wood's stunning appearance. On the other hand, many homeowners object to solid wood garage doors for three primary reasons: weightiness, maintenance needs and higher price tag when compared to newer generation garage door materials. AND wood lookalikes can now replicate the look of 'real' wood and painted wood, pretty darn well.

Glass garage doors, however, bring a very different style-vibe to a home when compared to steel, wood or wood lookalikes. Glass doors are decidedly contemporary and merge a home's indoor space with the outdoors in unique ways. Price-wise, glass garage doors tend to be more costly than steel or composite but less costly than solid wood, depending on the wood species.

For a deep dive into each garage door material option, click through to see three of our popular blog posts: "The Benefits Of A Steel Garage Door", "The Benefits Of A Glass Garage Door", and "The Benefits Of Wood and Faux Wood Garage Doors".

White steel and composite garage door with a carriage house design, Wildwood, Mo by ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis

(4) Which SIZE of garage door do you need?

The size of a garage door is obviously important; for it to operate properly it needs to fit, period. But beyond these basic mechanics, the size of residential garages commonly coincides with the house size; thus, the larger your home, the larger the garage.

From single to double to a combination of garage door sizes (ie one singe with one double for a three car garage OR three separate single doors), St. Louis homeowners choose matching doors no matter the number.

Standard size garage doors are used in most every installation; however, a custom home or a garage built to accommodate extra large vehicles, trucks or boats can be larger. Common door widths include, 8, 9 or 16 feet wide. Common heights include 7 feet or 12 feet tall. Beyond those dimensions, just ask us because there ARE other widths and heights available depending on the specific manufacturer and door.

And as a rule of thumb, the larger the door, the larger the price tag.

two modern garage doors with windows stacked vertically and one door tall, Savannah Ga, by ProLift Garage Doors

(5) Which COLOR of garage door do you like best?

Most people, in years past, picked a garage door color to match the dominant color of their home OR a white door was the 'go-to' selection.

This is no longer true.

Yes, white garage doors remain popular BUT there are so many colors from which to choose a stark white door doesn't necessarily add the exterior flair that some homeowners are seeking. And cost-wise, depending on the exact door, color may or may not increase the door price with one exception... custom garage door colors will be more expensive than factory finish options.

As an increasing number of homeowners enjoy using garage door color to stand-out, NOT just blend-in, bolder, darker door colors are trending in 2020 (and beyond) such as black, dark brown, charcoal gray, deep wood tones and more. In the end, with hundreds of factory finish colors, stains, as well as custom hues, you won't have difficulty finding the exact door color just for you.

Check out our blog post last month, "Garage Door Colors and How To Choose."

garage door

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to garage door pricing, it all depends on multiple factors including: brand of door, size of the door, style of the door, door materials and additional features like garage door openers, built-in insulation, windows or decorative hardware.
  • And with a wide range of garage door choices, door prices will vary. As a result, it's difficult to give a ballpark figure without knowing more details but in general, prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Homeowners should request price comparisons for two or three types of doors they like and then ask for solid price quotes too.
  • But no worries, pros like us will provide a solid and guaranteed price after: (1) seeing your garage and existing door (2) taking measurements and (3) discussing what you're thinking - style-wise, material-wise, and budget-wise.

Next Steps:

Are you thinking about replacing your old, outdated or problematic garage door? Are you pleased with your existing door but need a tune-up, routine maintenance, adjustments or repairs? No matter what your garage door needs, we can help! We're ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis and we know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to.

We're friendly, experienced professionals serving homeowners (and businesses) throughout the Greater St. Louis, Mo area.

Please pick up the phone and call us, anytime, at 636-362-6960. Or if it's more efficient for you to ask us your questions online you can do that with chat and messaging. You can even book your appointment from our website too. Just go here: ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis.

Outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri, call 888-754-3063.

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