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St. Louis Mo: Garage Doors Named The #1 Home Improvement Project For 2019... Again!

St. Louis Mo: Garage Doors Named The #1 Home Improvement Project For 2019... Again!

St. Louis Mo: Garage Doors Named The #1 Home Improvement Project For 2019... Again!

Today, we're publishing a brief article in order to support a BIG claim:

Garage doors RULE when it comes to home improvement. Hands down.

For the SECOND year in a row, a new garage door tops the list as THE #1 residential improvement project. An updated, upscale, door will not only improve your home's appearance, but it'll also increase your home's value with a 97.5+% return-on-investment to boot!

What does this mean?

It means that any new garage door - any color, material or style - will instantly 'pay for itself' in 2019.

This includes basic garage door models or top of the line doors with all the 'bells and whistles' and everything in between. Other home renovations improve your property as well, but by comparison, these other projects will return a lot less of your money.

According to the reputable industry publication, Remodeling's annual report, not all home remodeling projects deliver the same bang for the buck. Far from it.

So which projects give you the biggest return on investment these days? This year (like last), the No. 1 finisher was garage-door replacement. This project essentially pays for itself, earning you a whopping 97.5% of your money back.

Want to see what other home improvement projects are worth? Check out this well-written article from for the full scoop:

Ready to Remodel? These Home Renovations Will Pay Off the Most (and the Least) in 2019

But hold on. There's more.

Other benefits of a new garage door include: beefed-up security, improved energy efficiency, reduced noise, new conveniences with 'smart' apps and technology for garage door control.

Key Takeaways:

A new garage door is a completely risk-free home improvement project with good looks, energy efficiency, newer security features and a high return too.

Update your garage door, up your home value. Period.

Want to see the industry report in full? Just go here: 'Remodeling Cost vs Value Report'.

Next Steps:

Wondering if it's the right time to replace your garage door? Or maybe, in the meantime, you'd like to service your existing door with a safety check, tune-up and maintenance? Either way, we can help.

St. Louis homeowners trust us because - we not only work here and live here - we're homeowners just like you. So if you reside in Greater St. Louis – including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County – give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

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Editor's note:  Updated 5/19/2020

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