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The Benefits Of A Steel Garage Door

The Benefits Of A Steel Garage Door

The Benefits Of A Steel Garage Door

In our previous article, "5 Pro Tips For Choosing A New Garage Door" we outlined garage door basics: material, color, style, insulation, windows, and hardware.

And here's what we wrote about materials:

"Nowadays garage doors are made from a wide variety of material including natural wood, wood lookalikes, steel, composite, fiberglass, aluminum, glass and more. Each product has a different price point and will offer certain advantages depending on your needs. So first, decide which exact material best complements your home, lifestyle, location and budget. (Hint: Weather conditions, HOA regulations or special city ordinances might also impact your material decision.)"

Today, let's take a deeper dive into steel garage doors and why steel is such a popular option among many St. Louis homeowners.

These days, there's A LOT to love about steel garage doors. They are: stylish and customizable; strong and durable; safe and secure; insulated and energy efficient; affordable and cost-effective.

Stylish and Customizable:

Steel doors are designed for three style categories: traditional, contemporary and carriage house (sometimes called barn doors). Within each group, you then select from panel patterns (short or long raised panels, flushed or grooved surface textures), windows (short or long, arranged across the top or down the side, decorative grilles, specialty glass), and color options (factory finish colors, wood tones or custom color).

Strong and Durable:

Steel garage doors today are strong and durable, offering protection against denting, warping and cracking. You may hear the term 'gauge' in reference to steel doors. The lower the gauge number, the stronger and thicker the steel; however, a manufacturing method called 'sandwich construction' assembles multiple layers of higher gauge (thinner) steel to increase the garage door's depth and durability. It's a little complicated but quality steel garage doors are well-built and sturdy.

Safe and Secure:

As a common entry point for thieves and a source of personal injuries (from pinched fingers to a crushing collapse) garage door safety and security is (really!) important. A rickety, ill-fitted garage door with faulty mechanisms is an invitation for break-ins and breakdowns. So when it comes to your garage door, embrace new products and technology to beef up security, prevent easy access into your home and prevent a garage door failure.

Hint: Periodically reset your opener's code, always lock the door that leads from your garage into your home and install floodlights/motion detectors too.

Insulated and Energy Efficient:

Beyond increased energy efficiency and reduced utility bills, an insulated steel garage door muffles operational noise and protects items in your garage (and the adjoined indoor living spaces) from temperature extremes. When shopping for an insulated door, keep two things in mind: 'R-Value' and 'Polyurethane'. R-Value is used to measure the level of insulation and the higher the 'R-Value', the better. Next, polyurethane - an injected foam insulation - outperforms polystyrene sheet insulation. But any insulation is better than no insulation!

Affordable and Cost Effective:

Even though steel garage doors are on trend and fashionable, they're budget-friendly when compared to other material costs. Certain factors influence door pricing such as size, model, construction, installation, accents and add-ons; yet, as a rule of thumb, a steel door is less expensive than fiberglass, wood or glass.

So go ahead.... show off your personal style with design options, improve your home's security, and save money on utility bills with a low maintenance, a cost-effective steel garage door that'll last for years and years!

Key Takeaways:

  • Today, a 'basic' steel garage door is anything but basic! Gone are the days of limited choices.
  • Modern day designs for steel doors complement the architecture of most homes and meet homeowner's needs too.
  • Selecting a garage door material should be based on budget, durability, aesthetics, maintenance requirements (or lack thereof), energy efficiency or a combination of things. Give it some thought and you'll be happy with your choice.
  • In upcoming weeks, we'll tackle the pros and cons of other garage door material including natural wood, composite, fiberglass, aluminum, and glass. So stay tuned!
  • Don't get overwhelmed by the options. Just ask the pros!

Next Steps:

Curious whether your existing door needs to be replaced? Or wondering if instead, a good cleaning, tune-up or repairs might do the trick? Well, if you're wondering these things, just call a reputable company like ProLift Doors.

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Editor's note:  Updated 4/28/2020

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