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Garage Door Repairs May Be More Important Than You Think

Garage Door Repairs May Be More Important Than You Think

Garage Door Repairs May Be More Important Than You Think

Let's face it.... the inside view of a garage door isn't as fun to think about as the outside view; however, the inner workings are enormously important! Garage doors are heavy and all of the mechanisms work double-duty every time you raise and lower your door... over and over and over again.

Compounding the situation is 'neglect'; garage doors are the most used but often the most overlooked feature when it comes to home maintenance. Yep, it's true, but...

Most folks just don't think much about their garage door until it doesn't work. And just like other things (your car, your HVAC, your teeth...) a check-up, a tune-up and a good cleaning go a LONG way to prevent the hassles (and extra expense) of a total garage door break-down and emergency call. With minimal 'repair and care,' you can keep the heaviest and hardest working door in your house running without a hitch!

More pro tips from ProLift include:

  • Do garage doors need some TLC and routine maintenance? You bet they do!
  • Cleaning your garage and your garage door -- from the inside out -- is a really good thing. Be sure to learn the 'dos and don'ts' before tackling the job yourself. (Hint: Using a power washer isn't such a great idea.)
  • Keep temperatures in your garage from extremes -- both cold and heat -- with weatherstripping and door insulation.
  • Remember to change those batteries in your opener, seasonally!
  • Whether you do-it-yourself or go-to-the-pros, schedule time for garage door maintenance and don't procrastinate on needed repairs.
  • You won't go wrong with routine care and upkeep to ensure your garage door is quiet, operating smoothly and is safe to use.

Key Takeaway:

Make time for maintenance to catch problems early, prolong the lifespan of your door and keep it operating smoothly to avoid the headaches, hassles or injuries caused by a garage door failure. And when the time comes, go ahead and replace it since a new garage door is a top remodeling project with 98% return-on-investment for all homeowners. For details, check out "Garage Doors Named The #1 Home Improvement Project In 2018 For St. Louis Homeowners".

Next Steps:

Are you now wondering if your garage door is needing repair or, worse yet, could completely fail? Curious whether your existing door can be tuned-up or fixed-up? Or maybe it needs to be replaced, altogether? Well, if you're wondering these things, just call a reputable company like ProLift Garage Doors.

If you live in the Greater St. Louis or surrounding area, why not give us a try? We know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to... we're friendly and professional too!

To call, chat online, email questions, or to schedule an appointment, just visit our website and learn more about ProLift's residential garage door services in St. Louis.

Outside of St. Louis, call 888-754-3063.

Editor's note 4/23/2020: For a detailed and deep dive into the topic, see two of our popular, more recent, blog posts:

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