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Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Garage Door Maintenance

How much time do you spend thinking about your garage door? If you're like most people, probably not much but like anything with moving parts, your garage door needs regular maintenance in order to perform its best. Here are some tips for making sure your door is in tip-top shape:

First, make sure you're using lithium or silicone based grease, NOT an oil based spray such as WD-40. WD-40 is a de-greaser so it actually does the opposite of what we're trying to accomplish!

With the door closed and disconnected from the opener, carefully spray all the hinges, pulleys, springs and bearing plates. You'll probably need a ladder for this step. 

Depending on the type of rollers, you may need to grease them as well. ProLift uses high-quality nylon rollers with encased bearings which require NO maintenance, but if your door has plastic rollers or cheaper metal rollers with exposed bearings, they'll need to be greased as well. 

Next comes the opener itself. Remember, any time you're dealing with your opener make sure it's unplugged. The last thing you want is someone pressing the opener button with your fingers up there. Ouch!

If your opener is an older screw-drive model, you'll need to grease the screw from end to end but for newer belt or chain driven models, you should only grease the sprocket which can be found under the opener covering. 

Lubricating your garage door on an annual basis will keep it functioning throughout its lifetime but even a well-maintained garage door won't last forever. If you haven't replaced your springs and hardware in 10 or more years, it might be worth having a professional come take a look. 

At ProLift Garage Doors, we're ready to help with all of your garage door needs. Call us any time, we're here to help!

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