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Pro-Lift - Professional Repair And Replacement Of Overhead Garage Door

Pro-Lift - Professional Repair And Replacement Of Overhead Garage Door

Pro-Lift - Professional Repair And Replacement Of Overhead Garage Door In Murfreesboro

Accidents in a Murfreesboro garage can cause more problems than just spilling paint on the floor. When the garage also serves as a storage shed, the risks to denting and otherwise breaking property can be rather high. Even a tipped over ladder can do much damage on the way down.

At Pro-Lift, we are called out to repair all kinds of overhead garage door damage in Murfreesboro. In many instances, our technicians can repair or replace damage using the basic kit each employee carries in his service truck.

A heavy, falling object or a distracted driver can bend a track, or put enough pressure on a door to warp it, and snap the pin and roller that holds the door in place, allowing it to roll freely up and down. Regardless of what caused the damage and where it is, technicians start with examining the tracks. If one is slightly out of alignment, even a new garage door can bind and stop while moving up or down.

After examining the tracks, Pro-Lift technicians check the door itself. They can quickly remove and replace damaged pins and rollers with the doors in place, often in just a couple of hours. To replace panels and adjust or replace the tracks; however, our personnel must disassemble the doors and move them aside.

To replace damaged panels, they unscrew the hinges from the damaged section and carry them away for disposal. Technicians can dispose of them at home or just put them aside if the owner requests it. We always prefer to remove the damaged panels for safe disposal though.

If the customer can provide pictures or even video of the damage when scheduling a repair visit, Pro-Lift technicians can order specialty, replacement items if needed. It is a service we happily provide each Murfreesboro homeowner. If you have any damage to your overhead garage door, or if there is a problem raising or lowering it, call us today at (615) 617-4098 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate.