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Pro-Lift - Replacing Damaged Garage Door Tracks In Murfreesboro Homes

Pro-Lift - Replacing Damaged Garage Door Tracks In Murfreesboro Homes

Pro-Lift - Replacing Damaged Garage Door Tracks In Murfreesboro Homes

For Murfreesboro residents, a garage door is just another part of their home. Like a window or an appliance, they pay it no attention unless it stops functioning normally.

In most cases, the garage door track requires replacement in Murfreesboro due to damage from a backing auto. Even a small, two-door car can completely flatten a section of track against the garage door frame. Another common source of damage is when an owner stops their vehicle (particularly a truck or large SUV) halfway through and opens a door, striking the track directly. When either happens, Pro-Lift specialists can replace or repair the track quickly, completing the work in only one visit.

Each of our service vehicles carries replacement tracks designed to match every major brand available for residential use. Each specialist arrives with a complete tool kit so he can start work immediately and quickly complete the task, often in only a morning or afternoon.

If the door is not closed, Pro-Lift specialists start by marking a replacement track and the door frame to match for the correct position. After that, they lower the door, or if it is stuck closed, they remove it for safety while replacing damaged tracks. It is too dangerous to attempt replacement with the doors overhead and why many people are injured when they try to perform repairs or replacement themselves.

After removing the doors, it is only a matter of minutes for specialists to remove the screws from the doorframe and take down the track for disposal. Then, they recheck their markings to ensure they align the new track sections correctly. Mounting the new tracks usually takes less time than it did to disassemble the garage door panels.

To complete the task, specialists reassemble the door panels. They begin with the bottom section, which allows them to ensure it fits correctly, and can roll freely up and down the new tracks.

At Pro-Lift, our goal is to help every Murfreesboro resident return their garage door to a functional part of their home. If you need us for your home, we are here for you. Call us at (615) 617-4098 today to schedule a service call.

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