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Pro - Lift - Garage Door Replacement and Repair in Nashville

Pro - Lift - Garage Door Replacement and Repair in Nashville

Pro - Lift - Garage Door Replacement and Repair in Nashville

For many Nashville homeowners, the garage door gets as much, or more, use than the front door. It is how we can get into the house, bring in groceries, and then close behind our children as they finally bring in their bicycles off the driveway before it gets dark. When they no longer work, a garage door replacement or repair needs to be done quickly and by a professional service.

At Pro-Lift, we first determine exactly what needs replacing. Not every failure of an automatic or manual garage door means that it’s time to scrap the old one and replace the entire garage door in Nashville. In many cases, our technicians discover a maintenance problem that allows us to keep some or all of the existing garage door.

They often find a problem with the drums that contain the reel of cables, which lift and lower the garage door. As an example, screws holding the drum can loosen over time and allow it to shift. That allows the cable to loosen and twist, causing it to bind and stopping the door from lifting. Replacing the screws and tightening everything down quickly fixes the issue.

The same is true for minor damage from a resident backing up without looking. Here, one of the tracks gets bent a little bit, but Pro-Lift service teams can bend and straighten them out to work as good as new.

If the damage was someone pulling into the driveway too quickly and putting the front half of their car through the door, then a complete replacement is necessary. With that level of damage, one or both tracks get pulled away from the door frame and twisted into scrap, cables snap, and two or more panels get broken into pieces.

When that happens, each technician can quickly remove the twisted tracks and shattered garage door, usually in just an hour or two. If the frame around the door was not damaged, they can immediately begin installing replacement tracks and then hang new door panels. With another service technician adding him, they can finish the job in less than a day.

If you cannot raise or lower your garage door or want to replace recent damage, call Pro-Lift at (615) 617-4098 today. We are here to make your life a little bit easier.

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