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Garage Door Tune-up Services

Garage Door Tune Up in Chattanooga and Surrounding Areas of Tennessee

You should expect a variety of difficulties and complications with your own residence over the course of your ownership. Even if you notice these difficulties early on, they may grow into far larger problems that may deplete your bank account faster than you can fix or replace them if you neglect to act. But what about the entry to the garage? You can save money and extend the life of your garage door and all of the moving parts that let it function by performing a simple garage door tune up, which is comparable to the regular maintenance you perform to keep your garage door running smoothly!  ProLift Garage Doors of Chattanooga provides a comprehensive 21-point safety inspection program that includes general garage door tune up services, lubricant application to your structure’s joints and hinges, and comprehensive safety inspections to guarantee there are no lingering issues. You may avoid costly and inconvenient problems in the future by relying on our team of highly skilled professionals to maintain the top functionality of your garage door!

Our Signature Garage Door Tune Up Service

Although you don’t think about it much throughout the course of the year, your garage door has seen a lot of action in the time you’ve lived at your current residence. Have you ever considered how frequently your garage door opens and closes throughout the day? You may find out how many times your current structure is opened and closed on average by multiplying the total number of residents in your household by two, as your family members come and go multiple times during the day. Given the realistic condition described above, you should expect your overhead door frame to show wear and possibly malfunctions over the course of its existence. This means that no matter what happens to your structure, you can always rely on our professional technicians to provide the garage door tune up services you require! Many Chattanooga and neighboring residents benefit from the following services:

  • Lubrication: Lubricating the hinges and joints of your garage door will reduce the amount of tension exerted on the moving parts, resulting in a reduction in the amount of noise or grinding produced by your existing structure.
  • 21-Point Safety Inspection: We will conduct a safety examination on your garage door system as part of our thorough garage door tune up assessment, consisting of 21 separate checks to ensure that it is free of defects. Garage doors are well recognized for becoming dangerously out of alignment as a result of corrosion and fractures caused by the passage of time and constant use. If ignored, this can result in devastating injuries or even death.
  • Garage Door Force Check: The total force required to open and close your garage door will be measured to determine whether or not it is in good operating order. If your garage door isn’t working properly, it could injure anyone or anything it comes into contact with if it falls off its tracks.
  • Garage Door Tune Up: When we discover current or potential problems with your garage door, we make it a point to fully explain them to you. This guarantees that you are aware of everything that is contributing to your structure’s continuous challenges, as well as how our garage door tune up services may be able to assist you in resolving these essential concerns!

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Eager to learn how our garage door tune up services can benefit you and your family in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas of Tennessee? You’re in luck! Our dedicated team members are standing by to chat with you about your existing structure and what problems you’re currently experiencing. We will send an experienced technician to your residence the same day you contact our office to get your garage door back up and running again! Give us a call now at 423) 380-8550 or feel free to book now with our online booking tool!

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