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Garage doors are thought to be a weak point when the security of a whole-home approach is considered. They are usually targets for thieves. Unfortunately, they are not only targeted by thieves, they also shelter them once they are inside.

Securing the garage door goes beyond the roll-up door. Every entrance point should be seen as a vulnerability. As a result, the garage door needs to be well-secured. In this article, we have highlighted the things that can be done to secure your garage door.

The Use of Automatic Garage Door Openers
The first generation of these devices had the same code. This posed a security risk as thieves could just go into any neighborhood and if you if had the same brand as theirs, they would easily be able to access your garage.

The second generation of the openers featured garage door openers with increased security. They had dip switches that the owner could set to a unique combination. Although this increased the security of the system, most owners often left the default setting which lead to an increased security risk. Also, a code grabber could be easily used to gain access to the system. The code grabber works by locking onto the signal and memorizing it. The thief would then re-transmit the code, thereby gaining access into the garage.

The modern automatic garage door openers now have rolling-code technology where the remote will transmit a new security code whenever the remote is pressed. Since there are over 100 billion codes, the code grabber has a very small probability of working. It is important to make sure that your opener has this rolling-code technology.

Highlighted below are some of the tips that can be used to ensure the security your garage:

  • Do not forget the garage door remote in your vehicle. If a thief has access to the remote, then he will have a way into the home as well.
  • Buy a keychain remote opener that you can leave on your keys.
  • Secure the garage door emergency release.
  • Put a deadbolt on the door between the house and the garage.
  • Secure the door from your garage into the house as your front door. You need to use a strong and sturdy door that is made from solid-core wood or reinforced steel. Also, install an Anti-Kick device on it.

Are you interested in other ways to make sure your garage and home stay safe this summer? If so, give ProLift Doors a call today!