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A garage door is one of the heaviest moving parts of your home. They are lifted many times to either get the cars in and out, or to get various supplies for the yard. As we keep opening and closing the garage doors, they undergo a sufficient amount of abuse. Thus, to prevent the door from getting damaged, one needs to be cautious whenever the door is operated. Also, the door should be serviced regularly to improve its efficiency and also prolong its life span.

Homeowners need to be aware of the benefits of regularly maintaining garage doors. Regular maintenance can help prevent many problems and also pinpoint other serious problems with the door. Being able to recognize these problems at an early stage will help to save on other costly repairs. Highlighted below are garage door maintenance tips which you need to undertake at least twice every year.

Lubricate the Moving Parts
This helps to keep parts of the garage door moving without a gag. Lubrication of the various parts of the door will enhance the door’s function and makes it open and close easily. Regularly lubricate the rollers, track, chain and the hinge pins.

Inspect the Bolts
Visually inspect the bolts of the garage door. Replace the worn out and rusty bolts. Also, replace the missing bolts with new ones and tighten the bolts that hold the track in place if they are loose.

Alter the Electric Opener
If you use an automatic garage door opener, regularly check it to ensure it functions properly. If your door is pushing against the floor before it stops or if it slams shut, you can easily adjust it. There is a dial to alter the up and down limits of the garage door. This will help you to adjust the level of your door according to your need. Also, check the motion sensor to ensure that it functions properly.

Inspect the Springs
Inspect the springs by lifting the garage door half way. If your garage door pulls up completely, then it implies that the springs in the door are tight while the springs are loose if the door comes to the ground. You also need to hire a professional and replace the springs if they are worn out and loose.

Pay Attention to the Tracks
Always check the tracks to see if they are lined and leveled with each other. If they are not leveled, loosen the bolts to get them on track and then tighten them again.

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