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The amount of heat leaking out of a home is proportional to the cost needed to keep the home warm. Poor sealing and insulation of any part of the home caused from winter effects increases your utility bills. If you have your garage attached to your home, the following places should be checked to test for heat loss.

Even if the walls of your garage do not have massive cracks or gashes, there may be a number of flaws that can bring about heat loss during the cold weather. An obvious issue in this case is that garage walls may not be insulated. If the wall is cooler than any other part of the garage, or if the garage does not retain heat, then the insulation may be faulty or absent. You can use exterior insulation to help correct this situation. You can also use insulation for the roof or for the crawl space found in the garage.

The garage door may also have improper insulation. This can cause more heat to be lost when compared to a wall that is not insulated. Depending on the door in question, you can insulate the door through a DIY project.

If the covering does not have the needed design for insulation, you need to choose a pre-insulated garage door. This will provide more R-value when compared to adding insulation.

Warm air can easily escape from the garage. A small crack is all that is needed to reduce the warm air that is being kept within the house. One of the more pronounced leaks that usually occurs in the garage involves air moving out from under broken weather-stripping that is meant to seal the garage and the floor.

The seal can be affected by changes in moisture due to the arrival of dry air during winter. It can also be affected by road salt and the pressure that emanates from closing the door. The weather-stripping should be replaced as soon as possible if a draft is noticed under the garage door.

Providing solution to the sources through which heat gets lost from the garage before winter will create a more comfortable home. It will also reduce the amount of money being spent on heating. If your garage door is not insulated, or if you need to replace your garage door, ProLift Garage Doors will help you choose from the numerous doors available to provide you with the garage door with great R-rating and a solid structure with long lifespan through many winters.

A great way of enhancing the front of your home on a tight budget is by replacing your garage door. ProLift Garage Doors are the industry standard when it comes to style, durability as well as energy efficiency.