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Create New Family Space in Your Garage

February is a great time of year to slow down, take stock of your priorities, and make sure you are spending enough time with your family. One of the most effective ways to make memories at home is to create a new activity room. Your garage is a great place to start.

Here are a few ideas for turning your garage into a new family space.

Movie Theater

With just a few pieces of furniture, you can quickly turn your garage into a comfortable and fun movie theater. Garages are naturally dark spaces perfect for focusing on your favorite film. You can move your TV out to the garage — or even set up a projector for an authentic cinematic experience. 

Some homeowners add popcorn makers or soda fountains to their home movie theaters. The possibilities are endless.

Game Room

If you don’t have the space you need in your home for a dedicated game room, your garage can offer a great alternative. From card tables to table tennis to putting greens and more, you can set up endless games that are fun for the whole family.

Art Studio

Crafting is one of the most popular hobbies in the country. There are arts and crafts activities to suit everyone, and they are a great way to relieve stress and stimulate the creative part of the brain. 

However, not all art projects are suitable for inside the home. That’s where your garage can come in. Setting up an art studio in the garage can be done in as little as a few minutes and can keep messy materials out of the home.


For families with children, keeping the home organized and clear of toys can be a challenge. Creating a dedicated playroom in the garage is an easy way to allow the kids to have fun without impacting the flow of your home.

There’s nothing more important than ensuring your family is safe. Before transforming your garage space, make sure your garage door is in good condition. If you need garage door services, same-day garage door repair, or a new garage door installation, look no further than ProLift Garage Doors. Schedule a tune-up with us today by calling (888) 824-9947.