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During the past six months, the American lifestyle shifted dramatically due to safety measures for the COVID-19 pandemic. And our travel habits are no exception. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has measured how travel in the US has been impacted by the coronavirus. While travel dipped well below the baseline during initial shutdowns, roadway travel has almost resumed to normal in the summer months, even surpassing the baseline on holiday weekends. Understandably, we’re wanting to stretch our legs and get out of our houses – as safely as we can. The best option for maintaining social distancing? A car.

According to many experts, if you’re going to travel during the coronavirus pandemic, car travel is the safest option. You can plan where to stop to minimize exposures, and you can travel only with people in your household bubble.

In an article for SELF Magazine, Dr. Maria Sundaram explains why cars are the safest choice for those who choose to travel. “It’s hard to imagine another travel option that would be safer. You can travel by yourself, so you don’t have anyone else in the car with you, and you also can make your own decisions about when and where you might need to stop.”

Car travel is safest for families, too. In an interview for Condé Nast Traveler, pediatric travel expert Dr. Karl Neumann states that “car travel is much better than airlines and trains” for children’s safety.

Since the implications of coronavirus on our lifestyles will continue through the foreseeable future, it seems our reliance on car travel will propel as well. Dr. Fauci estimates that it could be well into 2021 before the US can expect a return to normalcy.

With car travel now the best option for safe travel in a pandemic, it’s important to make sure you have access to your vehicle. For many American homes, this means a working garage door is essential. You only notice your garage door when it is not functioning, so regular maintenance is key to keeping things running smoothly. Your local ProLift Garage Doors offers contact-free services, like socially distanced walk-throughs and estimates, to keep your family safe while keeping your garage door in excellent condition.

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