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4 Tips to Secure Your Home with Your Overhead Garage Door

Your home’s security is vital to your safety and comfort. But do you consider all angles when thinking about your security options? Garage doors aren’t often included in these considerations, but they can affect how protected your home is from intruders. Here are four tips to help you maximize your security with your overhead garage door.

1. Tune-Ups to Prevent Malfunctions

Ensuring it works properly is always the first step, no matter what kind of door you’re working with. Consistent maintenance will help your door last longer while making it harder for a security breach to occur. Malfunctions can make your home a potential target, so it’s essential to call for regular professional tune-ups.

2. Don’t Wait for Repairs

Have you noticed some damage to your door? A broken door isn’t secure, so don’t hesitate to call a professional for repairs if you notice something off with your overhead garage door.

3. Consider the Differences Between a Garage Code and a Front Door Key

If you’re an avid physical key enjoyer but concerned about security, it’s a good time to weigh your options. Keyless systems are becoming more sophisticated, making garage security that much stronger. They’re also a lifesaver for anyone who habitually loses their keys. With a garage door code, you won’t have to risk making too many key copies or hiding one in a spot that someone could find.

But garage door codes aren’t necessarily for everyone. These systems require maintenance and potential updates. If there’s ever a malfunction, it could put your garage in jeopardy, which doesn’t happen with a key.

4. Use a Security System

When in doubt, you can always use a system whose sole purpose is to tighten security around your home. It’s common for homeowners to install systems on or around their garages, as this can be a popular entry point for anyone trying to get in. 

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