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This year for Garage Door safety month ProLift Garage Doors has developed four reminders for you to use when determining if your garage door is in need of repairs: Look, Listen, Learn & Remember. Your garage door is most likely the largest moving part in your home and is used many times, every single day. Over time, parts can wear and break creating safety problems. While safety is vital all year, May is dedicated to the safety of your garage door system.

ProLift Garage Doors recommends that your garage door and opener are inspected this time of year to ensure that it is working properly. Here are four reminders that will keep you and your family as safe as possible.

  1. LOOK at the garage door, springs, cables, and rollers for wear and tear. It is important to get your springs, cables, and rollers inspected regularly to keep your garage door balanced. An unbalanced garage door will have trouble remaining open, closed, or balanced in the middle.

  2. LISTEN for grinding or scraping sounds. If you hear any kind of noise that is out of the ordinary it is time to call a professional. It can be tempting to attempt to assess the issue on your own but by doing this you but yourself at risk for injuries.

  3. LEARN

    1. Keep the garage door opener and remote control out of reach of children. This may seem like a harmless distraction for kids in the car but messing with your garage door controller can put you at risk. Your garage door could be left open or closed (unintentionally) and the constant pressing of the button could cause the garage door to perform the opposite function.

    2. Keep fingers and hands away from door sections and moving doors. Your hands and fingers can get easily pinched by the section joint’s. This is a more common injury among children but is still a potential hazard for all ages.

    3. Keep garage doors closed and remote controls out of sight to deter theft

  4. REMEMBER if you find any concerns regarding your garage door, contact your local ProLift Garage Doors

For a free estimate on any garage door repairs or maintenance, call (888) 824-9947to find a ProLift Garage Doors, garage door service provider near you! And check out our #ProLiftProTips on our Facebook and Instagram all month long for more garage door safety information.

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