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Depending on the size of the garage, driver, and vehicle model — garage parking can be tricky. If you or someone in your household is having trouble parking in the garage it can be insistently frustrating. Luckily, there are many simple steps you can take to make garage parking a breeze. In this article, ProLift Garage Doors will share four ways to make garage parking simple.

Check Your Mirrors

Consider tilting or folding your mirrors inward to create more room. This simple trick may allow you enough room to easily squeeze into a tight garage. Naturally, you can also use your mirrors to better navigate your parking space. Ensure you are utilize your car’s mirrors to their full potential.

Take A Lesson

Ask a skilled driver to show you how to best park in your garage. Watching a friend or family member park inside of your garage may be exactly what you need to park well. Learn from a pro — it will eventually provide you with the skills needed to park properly.

Create More Room

Free space in your garage and create room for your car. Use a free weekend to declutter a packed garage. This weekend chore will reap many benefits, creating more room for storage, ridding yourself of junk, and it will make parking easier.

Have A Guide

Avoid damaging your car — create a parking guide. A parking guide can be as simple as suspending a cord or tennis ball from your garage ceiling. The key is having an established mark to guide your car into the correct place. If you find your garage wall to be a challenge as well, consider investing in a durable parking aid that will prevent damage.

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