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Ask the Pros: Best Garage Door Services for Spring

Ask the Pros: Best Garage Door Services for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to inspire a fresh start. Channel that energy into your garage door. Regular inspections prevent costly damage and expensive repairs or replacements. Whether you need a check-up or it’s time to finally invest in a new door, ProLift Garage Doors has you covered.

Brock Levin, owner of ProLift Garage Doors of Seminole County, shared his best advice on how to take advantage of ProLift Garage Doors’ services this spring.

1. What garage door services are best to get done in the spring?

Our 21-point inspection is affordable and a good option any time of the year. A little preventative maintenance is always more economical than a costly repair due to neglect. At the very least, you're getting a test of function and safety, lubrication, and the tightening of anything that can possibly get loose and rattle throughout the year.

2. What areas of garage door maintenance are often overlooked?

The lift cables. These cables are what keeps the dangerously heavy door balanced. The discoloration or rusting of the cables is an early sign. The fraying of the cables is scarier, as they show an immediate weakness and pressure point. The problem is that people aren't looking. When the cables snap, you don't want to be an object or living thing under that door.

3. What ProLift service do you think more customers should know about?

For my location, "service" is an ambiguous term. We want to be known as a trustworthy or honest garage door company. Performing quality work is a given. It's the standard. We do not brag about the quality of our work or the expertise of our technicians. That's the bare minimum, so why promote the bare minimum? We get it done, and you will not feel like you were sold anything unnecessary.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to new customers, what would it be?

Watch out for the "Chuck with a Truck" or "Stan with a Van" guys. Supporting small businesses with your business is great — we’re a local small business too! But we want to make sure that you’re getting quality work with trusted professionals — check reviews and make sure that the business you work with is fully insured and works with high-quality products. We’re local, but we’re also rigorously trained and we have partnerships with recognized companies like Amarr. When you work with us, you can support small business AND get the great work you deserve.

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