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Garage Door Tune-up Services

Garage Door Tune Up in The Woodlands and Surrounding Areas of Texas

Whether you are a new or veteran homeowner, you may face a variety of issues and unpleasant circumstances with your house over the course of owning it. Even if you notice weaknesses early on, and if you don’t act fast, they can grow into much larger problems that empty your bank account before you have a chance to repair or replace them. Even if you discover these concerns right away  away, they could grow into far worse problems. A routine garage door tune up, similar to routine car maintenance, will help you save money and increase the life of your garage door and all of its moving parts! In addition to the standard garage door tune up services, ProLift Garage Doors of The Woodlands provides safety inspections, lubrication of joints and hinges, and other necessary services. We can keep your garage door in great working order for years to come thanks to our team of highly educated technicians!


Signature Garage Door Tune Up Services

Despite the fact that you don’t give much attention to your garage door, it has been subjected to a tremendous amount of stress over its lifetime. On average how many times does your garage door open and close during the course of a regular day? Since members of your family are constantly coming and going from your home for a variety of reasons, calculating the frequency with which the doors of your current structure are opened and closed is as simple as multiplying the number of people living in your home by two. Given these factors, it is normal to expect the overhead door frame to show symptoms of wear and fail at some point throughout its lifetime. We ensure that our garage door tune up services will benefit you and your family for the foreseeable future, regardless of how difficult the job is. Residents in The Woodlands and adjacent areas can take advantage of the following services:

  • Lubrication: Lubricating the joints and hinges of your garage door can help to reduce the amount of noise or grinding produced by your current construction. Routine maintenance of your garage door will help it last longer by lowering the amount of strain placed on its parts.
  • 21-Point Safety Inspection: We will conduct a detailed check of your garage door system as part of our full garage door tune up examination, which will include a 21-point assessment to ensure that your system is free of faults. Garage doors are notorious for being dangerously out of alignment due to corrosion and breaks caused by time and constant use. If quick action is not done to reduce current concerns, substantial harm to the contents of your garage is possible.
  • Opener Force Check: In order to provide an accurate assessment of the door’s operational status, the total amount of force necessary to open and close your garage door will be measured and assessed. If your garage door malfunctions, it is possible that it will get detached from its tracks. This could produce a slew of problems because your structure won’t be able to open or close, leaving your home’s contents susceptible to the outside world.
  • Garage Door Tune Up: If one of our specialists uncovers a problem with your garage door, whether it is a current issue or one that may arise in the future, they make it a priority to clearly explain everything to you so you know what type of services you require. As a result, the garage door tune up services that we provide can help you understand the origins of your system’s recurring problems and provide realistic remedies that could benefit you and your overhead door. Furthermore, the services that we provide can assist you in determining the source of the recurring issues that your facility is experiencing so that we can prevent them from recurring.

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