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St. Louis Mo: How To Choose A Garage Door Opener

St. Louis Mo: How To Choose A Garage Door Opener

St. Louis Mo: How To Choose A Garage Door Opener

These days, few people open their garage door manually and most homeowners with a garage have some type of automatic opener. So whether your garage door opener is on-the-blink or is just plain old and technologically behind-the-times, you're likely in the market for a new opener.

A LOT has changed when it comes to garage door openers in 2021 so read on.

There are many brands of garage door openers; however, within each brand there are three main types. These openers include: chain drive, belt drive and wall mount. Here's what you need to know...

A chain driven garage door opener uses a large and thick chain to move the door. (It looks similar to a chain on a bicycle.) These openers are common and very affordable and are sometimes used when a door is extra heavy. The downside? Openers with chains are noisy with less smooth operation when compared to belt driven. Chain drives need more maintenance too.

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A belt driven garage door opener, as the name implies, uses a rubber belt to move the door; as a result, the movement is smoother and quieter and requires less maintenance. Within this category of openers, different models have optional features that influence costs: remotes, keypads, WIFI connectivity, smart device compatibility, battery backups, heavy lifting capabilities and more. Nevertheless, there's a budget-friendly choice for every homeowner within these wide range of models. LiftMaster remains a favorite garage door opener for reliability, durability and overall quality.

Long panel, steel garage doors in black

Wall mount garage door openers are mounted to the side of the door and to the garage wall rather than above the door and to the garage ceiling. This type of opener is not only oh-so-very-quiet, it's a huge space saver and perfect for garages with limited overhead space. This opener is ideal in many situations; however, it comes with a bit of a higher price tag too.

Pro Tip: Other terms you may hear when it comes to garage door openers include jackshaft, AC (alternate current) or DC (direct current), LED, PIR and more. But no worries. Just ask a pro!

Long panel, steel garage doors in black

Key Takeaways:

  • Automatic garage door openers are a favorite among homeowners because of affordability, ease-of-use, safety, security and convenience.
  • In 2021, homeowners are increasingly interested in the latest trends in garage door openers and are flocking to belt driven openers with all the latest high-tech features including WIFI and smart phone controls.
  • And no matter your budget, adding some type of automatic garage door opener is an accessory worth having. Avoid manual garage door operation to save your door and save your back.

Long panel, steel garage doors in black

Best of all, when you update your garage door AND opener, you'll up your home value! Want to see the industry report in full? Just go here: 'Remodeling Cost vs Value Report'.

Next Steps:

Wondering if now is the time to replace your garage door and opener? Or maybe you'd prefer to service your existing door system with a safety check, tune-up and maintenance? Either way, we can help.

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