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Glass Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

Glass Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

Glass Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

There's no doubt about it. Glass garage doors in 2021 are all-the-rage for homeowners and businesses alike. But before you choose an all-glass paneled door, it's important to know the advantages AND disadvantages.

Homeowners (and businesses) that choose glass garage doors cite these reasons:

  • Glass garage doors are a sure-fire way to 'bring on the style' with unique aesthetics and impressive curb appeal. In addition, the glass panels open up the garage space to the outside world!

  • Glass garage doors have low maintenance needs and never require painting or staining like wood doors do. A little glass cleaner and soft cloth or sponge -- vinegar and water or mild soap and water -- is all you need to make them sparkle and shine. Pro Tip: Avoid using anything abrasive and never use a power washer.

  • Contemporary glass paneled doors are stronger, a bit more insulated and more resistant to breaking than past glass models.

  • The panels today aren't necessarily see-through. There are plenty of privacy glass options (with degrees of privacy) such as obscured, tinted, frosted, colored, etched and more; nevertheless, clear glass is readily available for those who prefer a full-view option.

Garage door with black frame and glass

Homeowners (and businesses) that DON'T choose glass garage doors cite these reasons:

  • As a luxury garage door, quality glass panels aren't 'cheap': their beauty comes with a price tag. For some folks the extra cost is well worth it... for others, the price can be a deal-breaker.

  • All-glass garage door panels are extra HEAVY and special openers and springs are often needed to lift the door. Non-standard openers and springs can also increase the price.

  • The trendy modern look of today's glass garage doors create a fantastic street-side style. BUT that doesn't mean these doors will complement many - maybe most - types of architecture nor fit in with neighborhood norms or HOA guidelines.

  • Even though insulated glass garage door panels are available, their energy efficiency doesn't compare to those doors constructed with built-in insulation having a high 'R-Value' such as steel, composite etc.

As a side note...

  • Glass door sections are generally framed with aluminum and the frames are available in a variety of colors, powder coatings, 'anodized' (protective) or wood grain finishes; however, some 'frameless' designs are available too.

  • Beyond the garage, glass garage doors can be used as a partition or 'moving wall' especially in commercial settings like restaurants and bars.

Key takeaways:

  • Glass garage doors have a modern or industrial vibe and beautifully complement specific types of architecture. Their unique design lines are decidedly clean and sleek.

  • Natural light flows inward and scenic views are enhanced looking outward. If, however, you prefer privacy these doors are NOT for you!

  • And for many people, the features and 'advantages' of glass garage doors may also prove to be 'disadvantages': (1) too contemporary and too fragile (2) less privacy and less energy efficient and (3) somewhat impractical when compared to other garage door materials.

  • On the other hand, a perfect alternative to an all-glass garage door is a door with fashionable windows to express traditional, carriage house or even modern design. How? Well, garage door windows come in various sizes/styles (tall, short, long, narrow, wide, squared, arched, rounded) and can be placed as one or more rows across the top, down the side or as a mosaic.

  • There are lots of choices for garage door style these days. Don’t get overwhelmed by the options. Just ask the pros!

white glass garage doors Brown garage door with glass on the right White garage door with Danube style windows

Shown above: Three different garage door designs with stylish window arrangements as an alternative to all-glass garage door panels. Project and Photo Credits: ProLift Garage Doors

Next Steps:

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Project and Photo Credits:

ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis (glass garage doors, carriage house garage doors with three rows of windows, white garage door with panel pattern and Danube windows), ProLift Garage Doors of Grand Rapids (faux wood garage door with modern long windows stacked vertically).

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