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Why Homeowners Choose New Garage Doors That LOOK Like Wood

Why Homeowners Choose New Garage Doors That LOOK Like Wood

Why Homeowners Choose New Garage Doors That LOOK Like Wood

Do you LOVE the look of wooden garage doors but DREAD the hassles of their high maintenance needs? Do you prefer a door with better energy efficiency and one that's easier to operate, lighter weight and with significant cost-savings?

Most homeowners do.

And if you're like most folks, the new generation of faux wood garage doors can be the perfect choice for you! Let me explain...

Garage Doors That Look Like Wood BUT Aren't

Homeowners frequently ask us, 'What exactly IS a faux wood garage door?'

It's pretty simple really... they are garage doors that have a similar appearance to a 'real' wood door BUT INSTEAD, they're constructed from steel, composite or fiberglass yet have a wood grain (or painted) wood appearance. And the benefits of wood lookalikes are very appealing because nowadays, the resemblance can be remarkable. Here, take a look...

White Faux Wood Carriage House Garage Door with Windows, Wildwood, Mo by ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis

Shown above: From Clopay's Grand Harbor Series, this carriage house garage door for homeowners in Wildwood, Missouri is made of steel and composite with a finish that mimics white painted wood. Project and Photo Credits: ProLift Garage Door of St. Louis

Carriage House Faux Wood Garage Door with Oak Finish, Chesterfield, Mo by ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis

Shown above: Faux wood garage door from Clopay's Ultra-Grain Series in an Oak finish for homeowners in Chesterfield, Missouri. Notice the carriage house design including windows with grilles as well as decorative handles and hinges. Project and Photo Credits: ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis.

Benefits of faux wood doors include:

Maintenance Free - With faux wood you can say 'see ya later' to tedious maintenance tasks like sanding, staining or painting while eliminating the expense (and time!) involved to keep up solid wood. Without routine maintenance, solid wood doors will fade, crack, warp and rot. On the other hand, faux wood is synonymous with easy living.

Lighter Weight - Wooden garage doors are HEAVY and this extra weightiness causes two issues: (1) special springs and particular garage door openers are often necessary which increase costs and (2) opening or closing the door manually is extremely difficult, if not impossible. To compare and contrast - steel, composite or fiberglass doors (that look like wood) are lighter weight and therefore easier to replace, easier to install, and easier to open manually.

Curb Appeal - Depending on the quality of construction and particular materials used, faux wood products recreate the unique characteristics of solid wood. Some more so than others. The design goal to resemble wood occurs in one of two ways: (1) the door is manufactured with an authentic wood tone finish and graining (for example oak, walnut or other wood species) OR it's made to look as though it's a painted wood door.

Budget-Friendly - The price tag of faux wood garage doors will vary depending on the SIZE (single, double, or custom dimensions) STYLE (traditional, carriage house, contemporary), MATERIAL (steel, composite, fiberglass or a combination thereof) and CONSTRUCTION quality (how many construction layers and thickness of panels). (No worries. Pros like us provide free ideas and quotes at no charge so it's effortless to compare various doors.)

Durability - Faux wood garage doors have come a LONG way over the past decade. They are not only beautiful, they're exceptionally durable with a long lifespan to successfully merge 'high function with high fashion'. How? Non-wood garage door materials stand up to temperature swings (hot to cold and back again), moisture (humidity, rain, snow) and general wear and tear like dings, dents and scratches.

Energy Efficiency - Greenbuilder Magazine recognizes certain faux wood garage doors for their energy efficiency with multi-layer construction and insulation. Energy efficient AND a realistic wood appearance... what more could you want?

Assortment of Styles - And the 'icing on the faux wood garage door cake' is the assortment of styles. When it comes to good looks, garage door customization enables you to enhance your home's architecture and mirror your sense of style with a precise color, window and panel patterns, hardware and more. There's a faux wood door for every type of home architecture and every budget too. Here, take a look...

 Insulated, Ribbed Steel, Faux Wood Garage Door with Wood Grain Finish, Haymarket, Va by ProLift Garage Doors

Shown above: An insulated, ribbed steel, faux wood door with a woodgrain finish and a mid century modern effect. Inside this garage there is a Hi-Lift track in order for the door to get up and over the transom windows. Project and Photo Credits: ProLift Garage Doors of Haymarket Virginia

Steel Carriage House Garage Door and Looks Like White Painted Wood, by ProLift Garage Doors of Savannah

Shown above: This double carriage house garage door is made of steel with four layer construction and a semblance of white painted wood. Notice the panel design and decorative hardware that add interest and flair. Photo and Project Credits: ProLift Garage Doors Savannah Georgia

Two Single Steel Garage Doors in Dark Walnut Finish, Without Windows and With Decorative Hardware, by ProLift Garage Doors Garland Tx

Shown above: To replace old wood garage doors, these brand-new steel doors in a Walnut finish are light in weight and well-insulated for increased energy efficiency and quiet operation. Photo and Project Credits: ProLift Garage Doors of Garland Texas

Key Takeaways:

  • Seriously, who doesn't LOVE the visuals of a wooden garage door and who doesn't LOVE the convenience of low maintenance? Most homeowners give an enthusiastic 'thumbs up' on these two fronts!
  • Faux wood garage doors are less finicky when compared to doors made of solid wood. Materials like steel and composite won't react to moisture, humidity, cold and hot weather in an adverse way like wood will. Critters and insects can chew through wood too. Faux wood, not so much.
  • So for anyone who prefers a sturdy, budget-friendly, hassle-free garage door with an authentic wood vibe, an 'imitation' wooden door will offer the 'best of both worlds'. And since faux doors are constructed from steel, composite or a combo of materials, they're strong and resist cracking, warping and rotting like their genuine wood counterparts.
  • Bottom line: Faux wood garage doors are certainly worth consideration and are a popular trend that's here to stay. And remember, there are LOTS of choices when it comes to faux wood garage doors but there's no need to get overwhelmed by the options. Just ask the pros!

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