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Cold Weather and Your Garage Door

Cold Weather and Your Garage Door

Cold Weather and Your Garage Door

Well it's THAT time of year to think about your home's winter maintenance needs because cold weather is rolling in! So, here's what you need to know when it comes to your garage door...

First, understand that wintertime temperatures present a whole host of problems to your garage door ESPECIALLY when your door is older. (That rings true for the 60+ year old crowd too!)

Second, know which garage door problems to watch for and know what to do about problems if they arise.

Here are four easy steps to keep your garage door on track all winter long.

Step One - Inspect the hardware

Due to falling temperatures, metal garage door parts WILL constrict and the shrinkage will wreak havoc on the door's operation. Tracks warp, springs snap, cables fray. Excessive moisture inside the garage causes metal to rust which is NEVER a good thing. Watch for signs of wear and tear: then don't procrastinate on getting things fixed.

Step Two - Lubrication

Adequate garage door lubrication prevents and eliminates friction when your door opens and closes. You can call a pro (like us!) anytime BUT lubrication is an easy DIY. So if you're inclined to try things yourself, here are a couple of pointers: (1) use a lubricant that's made especially for garage doors (not any old lubricant you have on hand) and (2) don't overdo it: too much lubricant is NOT better. Use a little lubricant every few months - instead of a bunch all at once - and you won't go wrong. Pro Tip: DONT use WD-40.

Step Three - Replace the weather seal

Water will freeze around the bottom of your garage door when temperatures drop. This in turn, causes the garage door weather strip to crack and peel. If you're looking for a DIY solution: (1) keep snow and ice away from the base of your door and (2) if you notice damage to the weather seal, get a new one ASAP. Some folks don't mind replacing a seal themselves but if you prefer, call a garage door service company to replace it for you.

Step Four - Clean the garage door sensor eyes

Most garage doors nowadays have photo sensor eyes and these are located on each side of the bottom of the door. The job of these sensors is to stop the door from moving if something or someone is in the door's path (a pet, child, car, or anything else for that matter). But sensors that are dirty, blocked or unaligned will mistakenly prevent the door's movement. The solution? Gently move the sensors for proper placement and gently clean them off with a soft cloth. That's all there is to it!

Step Five - Garage door openers need TLC too

Garage door openers can be particularly susceptible to cold weather. Winter temperatures causes stress and strain on openers, causing them to work harder. But if your opener doesn't work at all, first change the opener's remote batteries and make certain sensor lenses are clear of frost and aligned accurately. Beyond that, call a professional. It could mean an opener motor repair.

Step Six - Consider an insulated garage door

Insulated garage doors are more expensive than non insulated doors; HOWEVER, in the long run the money you'll save on utility bills and the added usefulness of the space 'pays for itself'. Most homeowners choose an insulated door if (1) the garage is attached (2) regional temperatures fluctuate (3) there is a garage workspace (4) the garage is sometimes used for sheltering pets or (5) the house may be sold in the next 5 or 10 years.

Key Takeaways:

  • There's nothing better than the convenience of a reliable garage door during the winter months and it's simple to prevent downtime with routine maintenance and a garage door tune-up.
  • Steps you can take yourself include: a) use a proper garage door lubricant in the right amount, b) replace opener remote batteries and door weather stripping, c) clean off and align the sensor eyes found at the bottom of your door, d) remove all ice and snow on the driveway near your garage door.
  • And when it comes to issues you shouldn't try to fix yourself, don't procrastinate. Book an appointment with a local company for residential garage door services because parts like garage door springs, rollers, cables and openers are affected by wintertime temps. These door problems are really dangerous to tackle without the right tools and experience. Be safe, don't chance it.

Next Steps:

Curious whether you need to replace your garage door or wondering if instead, a tune-up or repairs will do the trick? Well, if you're wondering these things, just call a reputable company like ProLift Doors.

If you reside in Greater St. Louis - or surrounding communities including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County - give us a try. We know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to. We're professional, knowledgeable and friendly too.

In St. Louis, get in touch with us: 636-362-6960 or visit our website to chat online, email questions, or schedule an appointment.

Outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri call 888-754-3063.

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