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June is 'Garage Door Safety Month'? and here's what you need to know...

June is 'Garage Door Safety Month'​ and here's what you need to know...

June is 'Garage Door Safety Month'​ and here's what you need to know...

Have you noticed there are designated months for just about EVERYTHING nowadays? Wonder why?

The reason is to bring focused awareness to a particular issue or cause of course! And when it comes to garage doors and safety, June marks the spot.

Since everyone at ProLift Garage Doors is ALL about garage door safety -- this month and EVERY month for that matter -- we'll share eight important tips to keep you and your family safe.


Take garage door safety seriously because thousands of people (20,000+!) are injured each year in garage door accidents.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission sites emergency room visits for: severe finger pinch or amputation, minor to grave skin lacerations, shattered or broken bones, severe injury or death from a fallen door.


Make certain your garage door has safety features.

Old garage doors without up-to-date safety and security features are definitely more dangerous than modern door models. So if your old garage door doesn't meet today's standards, it's time to replace it. Simple as that!


Make sure your garage door opener has the-all-important AUTO REVERSE function and confirm that it works properly! Auto reverse has been required by federal law since 1993 and prevents entrapment.

This is how it works. Sensors detect if the door's pathway is obstructed by - for example - a toy, vehicle, pet or person. As the name implies, the door STOPS and automatically reverses direction. (Tip: Some folks use a roll of paper towels to perform their own simple test; however this test is automatically done with a professional tune-up.)


Make certain your garage door has working MOTION DETECTORS. They're found on either side of the bottom of your door.

These small photo eyes are also required by law to detect people or things and stop the door's movement when something (or someone) tries to cross the garage threshold. If the sensors don't work properly, have them fixed ASAP.


Once your garage door is up-to-date, maintain it!

Once garage door safety features are included in your system, the BEST way to be proactive is with annual maintenance by a qualified pro. Recommended by safety advocates, manufacturers and consumer agencies, yearly maintenance is the key to keeping your door safe. Don't skip maintenance.


Check those springs because adequate garage door springs ensure that your door is balanced.

An unbalanced door that's in motion is particularly dangerous because the door is HEAVY. Broken springs can easily lead to injury AND trying to fix a broken spring is not a DIY project either. This goes for things like broken cables, loose hardware and bent tracks too.


When it comes to your door's remote controllers, keep them out of the hands of children and thieves!

All kids love to fiddle with buttons BUT garage door remote controls aren't toys and it's best not to treat them as such. AND since garage doors are a common entry point for thieves, don't let your remote be stolen either. (Tip: Be sure to lock the door leading from your garage into your house just in case your garage IS broken into.)


To create an extra layer of safety and security, opt for openers with rolling code technology.

Rolling codes automatically switch the access codes each time the opener is used. This stops your codes from being stolen or 'grabbed'. Have an older opener? Simply update and change the manufacturer's code, manually.

Garage Door Safety Month - ProLift Garage Doors

Key Takeaways:

  • Take garage door safety seriously because garage door accidents are preventable.
  • Older garage doors that lack up-to-date safety and security features - auto reverse, motion detectors, rolling codes - can be problematic. Consider updating your door.
  • Regular garage door maintenance will help to ensure safety. Schedule a checkup once a year or anytime your garage door isn't operating properly. A professional tune-up keeps all those moving parts in tip-top shape and prevents a DIY gone wrong.
  • A moving garage door - no matter the age - can be hazardous to people of all ages, especially kids. So it's best to stay away from any moving garage door. Never, ever race to duck underneath a door or treat the openers like a toy.
  • Simply put. Don't take chances. Check your garage door for both safety and security during June's 'Garage Door Safety Month'. You'll be glad you did!
  • Tip: Ask us about our current specials for garage door safety month from ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis.

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