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New Garage Doors with Insulation in 2020

New Garage Doors with Insulation in 2020

New Garage Doors with Insulation in 2020

So let's talk about your home's energy efficiency.

Folks everywhere are taking steps to reduce waste and save energy right at home.

And it's important!

Popular steps include: trash reduction with recycling; energy reducing and water saving appliances; energy measurement and sensor alerts; programmable thermostats; ceiling fans; caulking; LED lighting and of course, insulated doors and windows, including the garage door.

Pro Tip: Unsure of what your house needs in order to maximize its energy efficiency in 2020? Consider an energy audit.

But let's get back to the often-overlooked garage door...

FACT: Garages are one of the least energy efficient parts of a house. Think about it... most homes in St. Louis have an attached garage and the garage becomes the entryway of choice. Cold and hot air slips through cracks and gaps, seeping into your home directly from your garage. Then, when the door leading from the garage into the kitchen is opened, that same air comes pouring in!

Yep, garages needs insulation and this starts with your garage door.

Types of Insulated Garage Doors

The two most common types of garage door insulation are polystyrene and polyurethane.

Polystyrene insulation kits are offered by retail stores and are used only for existing garage doors. Pre-made insulated panels are mounted on the inside of your door. But garage doors can also be manufactured with polystyrene insulation. Stiff panels are 'sandwiched' between a couple of layers of steel. Either way, polystyrene insulation is certainly better than no insulation BUT there's a better way!

Polyurethane garage door insulation is preferable because it is more effective. Why? Well this type of insulation maximizes temperature control and saves more energy. The FOAM insulation is injected during door construction and this material is bonded directly to the door to (1) significantly strengthen the door and (2) to fill-in every nook and cranny. Studies show that temperatures are better regulated (when compared to polystyrene); thus, your garage will be significantly warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Pro Tip: The key term you need to know is 'R-Value': it's the measurement used for garage door insulation. The higher the R-Value, the better.

More Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

But did you know that the benefits of an insulated garage door go beyond energy efficiency? Yes they do in three different ways.

First, the strength and the durability of the door gets a boost because the door is constructed differently. Layers of steel coupled with layers of insulation equals a stronger door. The more layers, the better.

Second, during operation an insulated garage door is a bit quieter than a non-insulated one. Why? Since the door tends to be better constructed, the door itself is 'snug' and prevents creaks and rattles. (Think about a car. A heavier, well made car tends to be a quiet and smooth ride when compared to a vehicle that's not made as well.) Oh, and outside noise is reduced too!

Third, garage door insulation protects ALL things inside the garage from extreme temperatures too.... your vehicles as well as anything else you have stored in your garage!

Key Takeaways:

  • Yes your garage door needs insulation if you live in an area like St. Louis. Winters are cold and summers are HOT!
  • Include your garage door in your home energy efficiency plans. It WILL make a difference for energy efficiency throughout the seasons.
  • The best insulation for any garage door is polyurethane but ANY insulation is better than zero insulation.
  • There are other benefits as well: quieter operation, reduction of outside noise and added door durability top the list.
  • Because a new garage door also offers a high return on investment, that's all the more reason to consider a door upgrade in 2020. You'll up your home value, boost curb appeal and reduce utility bills.
  • Want to see the most recent industry report about a garage door's value? Go here: 'Remodeling Cost vs Value Report'.
  • Check out Clopay's Guide To Insulated Garage Doors with helpful data and temperature comparisons.

Next Steps:

Curious about the cost of a new garage door with insulation? Or maybe you'd like to explore how to prolong the life of your existing door with a tune-up, maintenance and repairs for now? Either way, we can help.

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