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Chesterfield, Mo: Garage Doors To Complement Your Home

Chesterfield, Mo: Garage Doors To Complement Your Home

Chesterfield, Mo: Garage Doors To Complement Your Home

With a wide variety of residential homes ranging in style, size and price, Chesterfield, Missouri is a popular suburb 30 minutes west of downtown St. Louis. There are condos, starter homes, ranches, two-story houses and luxury properties too. With great schools, convenient shopping and a diverse population, Chesterfield is a terrific place to call home.

So when Chesterfield homeowners want to replace their garage door -- or are choosing a door for new home construction - they face a WHOLE LOT of choices. At first glance, it might seem confusing. But we can help. And here's how we do it...

Choose a garage door material

When it comes to a garage door budget, begin by choosing the door material. It's the logical place to start. As a rule of thumb, a steel garage door is more economical than, let's say, a glass garage door. A composite garage door (manufactured with a combination of materials) is more expensive than a steel door; however a composite door is generally less expensive than a glass garage door. Door building materials fall into a hierarchy when it comes to price, maintenance needs and durability. Begin here.

Choose a garage door style

To choose a garage door style, do two things: (1) zoom in on the architectural details of your home to determine a compatible look and then (2) narrow down the choices according to YOUR sense of style.

In the garage door industry, styles are largely grouped as 'traditional', 'contemporary' and 'carriage house'.

1) Traditional doors have that forever-classic-look. You kinda 'know it when you see it'. Panel construction might be long, short, raised or recessed. Window choices could be small, large, tall, wide, arched or no windows at all!

2) Carriage house doors are similar in appearance to barn-style doors that swing out. Since homeowners overwhelmingly opt for overhead garage doors - not swing out doors - residential carriage house doors move up, over and inward instead. And just like traditional doors, there's no shortage of panel and window choices for carriage doors too.

3) Last but not least are contemporary garage doors which often have flush panels - with or without windows -- or panels made of glass and aluminum.

Pro Tip: If your home is contemporary or a mid century modern ranch, well then, DON'T choose a carriage house door no matter how much you love the door itself. It's likely to look odd. But if your home is traditional, a carriage house door should work every time.

Choose a garage door color

Want to narrow down your garage door color options? First think about what's more appealing, a garage door that blends in with your home or one that's front-and-center and really stands out. If you prefer a subtle look, choose a soft or neutral color. If, on the other hand, you prefer a distinctive door, select a color that's a bold contrast to your home's exterior.

Looky here... A low maintenance, insulated steel garage door in Slate - with a weathered wood appearance - emerges as a major design feature for this white modern farmhouse.


Once you decide on garage door material, style and color, next you'll want to focus on overall efficiencies, convenience and operation. Make sense?

Choose a garage door opener

Gone are the days of cruising up the driveway, getting out of your car and manually heaving the garage door open. With today's openers, you'll not only have easy home access (without sloshing through the rain) you'll have home security as well. But alas, there are a lot of garage door opener choices too. These include chain drive (economical but noisy!) belt or screw drive (a little less noisy but lots of moving parts needing maintenance), and direct drive (motorized function, very quiet, no vibration, fewer maintenance requirements).

So what's the most popular garage door opener among St. Louis homeowners? Well, most folks want an opener that's 1) reliable 2) quiet 3) secure 4) convenient operation with a backup power source.

Which opener(s) fits the bill? Well, we're a fan of LiftMaster. This go-to-brand is feature rich, affordable, trustworthy with solid warranties and compatible with smart home technology. We work with other quality openers too, but LiftMaster is an undeniable favorite. And of course, a reputable business like ProLift Doors will handle everything start-to-installation for your garage door opener.

Choose garage door insulation

Does a garage door with insulation really make a difference? You bet it does!

Garage door insulation improves your home's energy efficiency - throughout the seasons - and will save money on your utility bills. There are other benefits: quieter operation and added door durability top the list. Door insulation reduces outside noises too. (Tip: For better and more powerful insulation, choose a higher 'R-Value'.)


Key Takeaway:

When selecting a new garage door for your home, choose material, style, color, opener and insulation. Then put it all together and VOILA... you'll have a new garage door to complement your house, jazz up curb appeal with easy operation, low maintenance, beefed up home security, reduced utility bills and more. So what's next?

Next Steps:

Does your existing garage door need to be replaced? Or will a thorough cleaning, tune-up and a few repairs suffice? Either way, we can help: ProLift Doors.

Everyone at ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis lives here and works here too... including the owners and all of our technicians. So, if you reside anywhere in the Greater St. Louis region - including West County, South County, St. Charles County - give us a try.

At ProLift, we know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to: we're friendly and professional. AND we work really hard to make sure you're pleased with our services because we're St. Louis homeowners too!

Call us at 636-362-6960 or visit our website to ask questions, chat or to schedule an appointment.

Outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri call 888-754-3063.

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Editor's Note: Updated 5/28/2020

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