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St. Louis Garage Doors: Stand Out Styles in 2019

St. Louis Garage Doors: Stand Out Styles in 2019

St. Louis Garage Doors: Stand Out Styles in 2019

Here we are in mid November! And in just a few short weeks we'll say so-long to 2019 altogether. (How can that BE?)

It's that time of year when St. Louis homeowners are shifting into holiday-mode and businesses like ours are wrapping up the year and looking toward the next.

So let's review garage door replacement in 2019 for St. Louis homeowners.

When it comes to new garage doors this year, we've been to every corner of the metropolitan region and have worked with homeowners in a wide variety of St. Louis neighborhoods. We've installed garage doors for brand-new custom homes in West County and for historic homes and investment properties in the city (several with the original, century-old barn doors!).

garage door

dirty garage door

We've installed steel, glass,composite and wood garage doors of various styles for traditional, mid century modern, contemporary and farmhouse architecture.

garage door

white garage door

We know that condominium owners need to stay within the guidelines of their HOA when it comes to choosing a new garage door. And folks getting ready to sell (or rent) a house want to replace the garage door without breaking the bank. BUT people renovating their 'forever home' often want to install a brand-new garage door with a brand-new look and brand-new features including (1) attractive, low maintenance, high quality materials (2) insulation for energy efficiency and sound control and (3) smart garage door openers to increase security with extra conveniences too.

So, when it comes to garage doors - basic to upscale and everything in between - we've got you covered no matter your budget and personal style preferences.

Some of our 2019's garage door projects have been standard and (really!) necessary. Other projects have been custom-made-to-order garage doors. MOST however, have been personalized doors for an individualized style with options like color (factory finish or custom pigment), window arrangements (or windowless), panel patterns , and decorative hardware (or not).

garage door

Garage Door Fun Fact: Did you know that our skilled technicians can convert any garage from two single garage doors to one double door? Many folks are surprised to learn this can be done. (Yep it can!) And we do this installation regularly.

before and after garage door

AND, believe it or not, we've replaced A LOT of doors that were damaged beyond repair by new or distracted drivers. Actually this happens quite often so no need to be embarrassed if it happens to you too.

damaged garage door

Key Takeaway:

  • When it comes to residential garage door replacement (or repair) and working in the St. Louis region, ProLift Garage Doors has 'seen it all'. We've served customers from east to west, north to south, city to county and remote corners of the region.
  • So if you're a St. Louis homeowner, home builder or real estate investor, we can help when it comes to garage door replacement. And best of all, new garage door design ideas, computerized drawings and cost quotes are always free, so why not ask?

Next Steps:

Does your existing garage door need to be replaced... or repaired? Perhaps a thorough cleaning, tune-up and a few repairs will suffice. Either way, we can help.

As a side note, everyone at Pro-Lift Garage Doors of St. Louis lives here and works here... including the owners and all of our techs. AND we're homeowners too! So, if you reside anywhere in the Greater St. Louis region - including West County, South County, St. Charles County - give us a try. We know St. Louis and we know garage doors!

Call us, anytime, at 636-362-6960 or visit our website to email questions, chat or to schedule an appointment.

Outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri call 888-754-3063.

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