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How To Choose A Color For Your New Garage Door

How To Choose A Color For Your New Garage Door

How To Choose A Color For Your New Garage Door

When it comes to your home and its streetside style, does it need a pop of color to boost curb appeal? And if you love a color contrast, to what degree? A little? A lot? Or maybe you'd prefer a monochromatic design strategy using variations of the same hue?

In other words... Do you want your new garage door to 'stand out' or 'blend in'?... THAT is the color palette question!

The good news: There's no shortage of options when it comes to garage door colors. Nowadays, any color is possible.... jet black, bright white, shades of beige, gray, red, green, and everything in between.

The other news: The sheer number of possible garage door colors is mind-boggling. Between factory finish and custom colors, there are thousands of choices. Seriously.

End result: Don't despair. There's more than one great color pick for every house. And ANY garage door (regardless of the color) is a budget-friendly way to kick up your curb appeal. There are, however, 'better' (and best!) alternatives. But HOW can you whittle down the prospects?

Well, let us help...

5 pro tips for choosing a color for your garage door.

  • Tip #1: Let the color wheel be your guide. Think about your personal taste. Do you lean toward colors that are: neutral-ish (white, black, gray, beige), monochrome (different shades of a predominant hue), complementary (opposite colors on the color wheel), or analogous (neighboring colors on the wheel) ? The color wheel is a great starting point.
  • Tip #2: Trendy or Traditional? Are you a homeowner who loves to follow the latest trends in home design? If so, dark garage doors are popular this year, but do you really LIKE the idea of a dark garage door? If you do, try it. If not, don't feel pressured to jump on the trend.
  • Tip #3: Neutrals are timeless. If you prefer subdued colors and a less swanky style, the classics like white, beige and gray NEVER go out of fashion and remain top choices for garage doors among St. Louis homeowners. Your house is where YOU live... make sure the design plan fits you and your family.
  • Tip #4: Take color cues from your home's exterior. Home features such as brick, stonework or siding; front door and shutters; trim or even roofing, provide color inspiration for your garage door. Look for appealing undertones or obvious dominant colors and build from those things.
  • Tip #5: Colors that blend in vs. colors that stand out. Some homeowners want their garage doors to be a standout centerpiece for their home's facade. Others prefer that their door is subtle and blends in with the overall house design. Either way, you won't go wrong for good looks and value.

Key Takeaways:

  • When coordinating and comparing colors for a garage door, use the tried-and-true color wheel method. Borrow suggestions from the brick, siding, shutters, trim, roof or front door.
  • Style trends are only one aspect of choosing a door color. Personal preference and practical dynamics are important too.
  • Selecting a garage door should, obviously, be based on your OWN home's appearance. But the characteristics of your WHOLE neighborhood, HOA regulations, and, of course, your personal sense of style matter too!
  • There's A LOT to choose from when it comes to color options today. But if you don't want to be locked into one color for the life of your garage door, choose a door material that can be painted.
  • In the upcoming weeks, we’ll tackle more garage door topics. So stay tuned!
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by color options. Just ask the pros!

Next Steps:

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Editor's note: Updated 5/20/2020

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