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St. Louis, Mo: Garage Door Safety, Maintenance and Repair

St. Louis, Mo: Garage Door Safety, Maintenance and Repair

St. Louis, Mo: Garage Door Safety, Maintenance and Repair

Is garage door safety REALLY a thing?

Yes. Yes it is.


Well, every year thousands of people - in fact, 20,000+ - are accidentally hurt by a garage door. Injuries range from minor to serious to deadly.

As a way to raise awareness, the door industry has dubbed June as 'Garage Door Safety Month'. It's an effective way for professionals and members of the IDA (International Door Association) to spread the word about simple solutions for year-round accident prevention.

How are people hurt?

According to statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the majority of emergency room visits for garage door injuries involve fingers and hands. Bodily injuries caused by a moving door - or one that completely collapses- are more devastating.

Examples include:

  • Severe finger pinch or even amputation.
  • Minor to severe skin lacerations.
  • Broken or shattered bones.
  • Entrapment under a fallen door.
  • Death.

What are necessary garage door and opener safety features?

Without a doubt, older garage doors are more dangerous than modern ones. But today, homeowners can rest assured that any brand-new door is equipped with up-to-date safety and security features. Old garage doors, maybe not.

Auto Reverse

Beginning in the 1990's, federal law required garage doors (and openers) to prevent entrapment with the auto reverse feature. This is how it works: sensors 'know' if anything (such as a car, bike, garbage can, toy, pet, child or adult) is obstructing the door's movement. And when an obstruction occurs, the door stops lowering and automatically reverses direction. It's simple to test and any pro will conduct a reverse test as part of a garage door safety check.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors/sensors are located at the bottom of every garage door and these gizmos use photo eye laser technology. Like auto reverse, motion detectors are now required by law and will stop garage door movement when something tries to cross its threshold. If your door has these sensors and they're failing to work, get them fixed before an accident occurs.

Yearly Maintenance

Once these features are included in your door's system, the BEST way to be proactive about garage door safety is with annual maintenance by a qualified professional like ProLift Doors. Yearly maintenance is recommended by safety advocates, garage door manufacturers, and consumer agencies alike. Don't skimp on it.

A complete garage door tune-up service (like ours) needs to include: 21 point safety inspection, lubrication, opener force check, and necessary repairs. Go ahead and replace faulty or worn parts like springs, cables, drums, tracks, hardware or opener. Pros like us will make sure you're all set for safety!

What are the best tips to prevent garage door injuries?

Our best five tips for garage door safety include:

  1. If your door is old or damaged, replace it ASAP.
  2. If your door is newer, schedule a professional safety check and tune-up. Then be sure to examine your sensors and auto reverse features periodically with a quick do-it-yourself test.
  3. Don't disable or try to bypass the sensor's line of vision by stepping over them.
  4. At no time slip under a moving garage door. Wait.
  5. Never, EVER let your children play with the opener's remote, clown around near a door that's moving or climb on the garage door handles, framework, or struts - inside or out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don't overlook or underestimate the importance of garage door maintenance, repair, and safety. Period.
  • Schedule a 'once-over', at least once a year to make time for a tune-up and safety check. If your garage door is older, twice a year is better.
  • Routine maintenance is a way to prevent tragedy. And when your door is in need of repairs, don't procrastinate!
  • Beyond injury, an old or dilapidated garage door with defective parts invites big trouble including break-downs and security issues.
  • Garage doors become hazardous when a DIY repair goes wrong, garage door maintenance is neglected, or when children are unaware that garage door play is out-of-bounds.
  • Don't take a chance. Make the most of June's reminder about garage door safety and check things for problems and potential pitfalls. You'll be glad you did!


Next Steps:

Find helpful tips for your residential garage door by visiting our website, ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis. There are quick and economical ways to fix an ailing door - or replace a door that's become a neighborhood eyesore - and we can help!

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