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How To Customize Garage Doors for Your St. Louis Home

How To Customize Garage Doors for Your St. Louis Home

How To Customize Garage Doors for Your St. Louis Home

One of the very first things you, your neighbors and visitors will notice about your home is the garage door ESPECIALLY when it's street-facing. If your door is unique and impressive, it'll make your home stand-out. If your door is updated and subtle, it'll beautifully blend-in. If, on the other hand, the doors to your garage are chipped, dented, warped, faded, outdated or broken, (or YIKES, all of the above!) your whole house will look shabby.

That's precisely why garage doors are now considered a major exterior design feature for homeowners, home builders, architects, designers and realtors alike. Ranked as THE number one home improvement project, a garage door impacts curb appeal and brings a dollar-for-dollar return too. (Garage Doors Named The #1 Home Improvement Project for 2019... Again!)

So whether you have an older home in Kirkwood or Webster Groves, a newer house in Ballwin, Chesterfield, Wildwood, or Eureka, a luxury residence in Ladue or Town & Country, or a bungalow in Soulard, we've got garage door design tips for affordable customization.

Here are four small ways to include king-size style for your replacement garage doors.

Garage Door Color

Choosing a color for your new garage door isn't always easy but it's a great place to start. There's a good variety of factory finish colors from which to choose; however custom color is an option too. And when it comes to custom-crafted wood garage doors, color can be applied (painted or stained) after installation, particularly for custom home builds.

What garage door colors are trending for St. Louis homeowners? It depends. Classic colors like white, beige, or gray are heavyweights and forever-in-style; however, folks who enjoy style trends are choosing darker colors like black, charcoal, slate, chocolate brown or dark wood tones. We've installed all glass garage doors for St. Louis homes too!

Garage Door Panel Design

A standard and traditional garage door panel design is one with raised panels - long or short. Alternatively, panels can be recessed or flush for a WHOLE different look. Recessed or carriage house panels favor a vintage, rather historic look. Flush panels (or all glass panels) bring on a modern or contemporary effect.


Garage Door Windows

Not only are there different types of garage door window STYLES (long, short, large, small, arched, curved, square, rectangle, rounded, sunburst, plain, or decorative), there are different types of garage door window GLASS (tempered, clear, frosted, etched, tinted, insulated and more) as well as window placement (across the top, down the sides, placement in unexpected panels or rows).

Garage door window prices will vary depending on the factors listed above; however, when it comes to supplemental style, windows bring a really big 'bang for the buck' for any homeowner. Bonus tip: Choose a garage door window to complement the other windows in your home including any window in your front door.

Garage Door Hardware

Adding decorative hardware to your garage door is also an affordable upgrade and hardware should be used to reinforce the style you want. Looking for a contemporary or mid century modern look? Consider skipping the hardware to achieve a 'sleek and clean lines' strategy. Want to complement your home design with a carriage house garage door? Well then, choose decorative strap hinges, lift handles and step plates for carriage house authenticity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Any garage door - no matter the style - is a home entrance and a way to shelter your vehicles. BUT today's doors can do those two things with plenty of flair. There's NO reason to settle for blah, boring, or ho hum garage doors! No reason at all!
  • And did you know that with simple add ons and upgrades a standard garage door can be customized? Yes. Yes it can!
  • Customized garage door are affordable. Color, panel design, windows and hardware are not necessarily expensive.
  • In upcoming weeks, we'll tackle more garage door topics including materials, design options, repair, maintenance and more. So stay tuned!
  • Don't get overwhelmed by the options. Just ask the pros!


Next Steps:

Curious whether your existing door needs to be replaced? Or wondering if instead, a good cleaning, tune-up or repairs might suffice? Well, if you're wondering these things, just call a reputable company like ProLift Doors.

If you reside anywhere in Greater St. Louis - including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County - give us a try. Everyone at ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis lives here and works here --including the owners and technicians -- so we want to make sure you're pleased with our services.

And best of all, we know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to: we're friendly and professional too!

Reach us at 636-362-6960 or visit our website to email questions, chat or to schedule an appointment.

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Looking for inspiration? Visit our Houzz page or Pinterest Boards for plenty of examples of garage door styles, materials and colors as well as repair and maintenance tips too.

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Editor's note: Updated 5/22/2020

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