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St. Louis Garage Doors - Year in review by ProLift Doors

St. Louis Garage Doors - Year in review by ProLift Doors

St. Louis Garage Doors - Year in review by ProLift Doors
At ProLift Doors, garage doors are our life (and livelihood!) and St. Louis is our lifelong home. We think about residential garage doors every single day and work with fellow St. Louis homeowners (and businesses) who depend on them.

Here's what we've learned this past year.

Garage doors play two key roles in the daily life of every homeowner: curb appeal and convenience. Here's why...

  1. An outdated and worn garage door will destroy a home's street-side style. When a door is shabby, it nags at folks -- homeowners and neighbors alike.
  2. On the other hand, newly installed doors will increase curb appeal and home value. When a garage door is updated, the improvement is noticeable and rewarding. The monetary worth is real.

Garage doors and curb appeal

With today's garage door designs, homeowners can go well beyond 'the basics'. Styles range from traditional to carriage house to contemporary; there are a large variety of garage door materials like steel, glass, wood/faux wood; and color possibilities are limitless. Add EXTRA flair with accent features like windows, panels, hardware, and smart technology.

Garage doors and convenience

A reliable garage door is the ultimate convenience for homeowners. A broken garage door, on the other hand, creates hassles. And the hassles range from annoying (unloading groceries in the rain or snow) to embarrassing (late to a meeting) to a real problem (missing a medical procedure) to downright dangerous (the door is an accident waiting to happen). Believe it. These things actually DO occur. Each and every day.

Case in point for garage door curb appeal and convenience

St. Louis homeowners routinely replace old, original wooden garage doors with state-of-the-art doors made from newer materials like steel or composites or even glass. Today's new doors are low maintenance and lightweight; yet, they're more durable and energy efficient with high R-Value (R-Value means 'insulation' in garage door speak).

Many new door installations also include details like: garage door windows for outward interest and interior natural light; garage door panels with pattern and texture; decorative hinges, handles, and step plates for style; smart door openers to work with smartphones.

Pull it all together and upgraded doors should work perfectly to complement a home's architecture while operating with modern overhead door convenience, safety, and security.

You can visit our Houzz page to see garage door installations from ProLift Garage Doors.

Key takeaway:

No one, I mean NO ONE, is pleased when their home looks disheveled, their car is either stuck IN the garage or is shut OUT of the garage during inclement weather. Don't let it happen. Be proactive.

  1. Head off problems in the first place with routine annual maintenance.
  2. Promptly call for repair if your garage door sounds or acts differently.
  3. Don't let an unsightly (or even 'ho-hum') garage door detract from your home. When you update your garage door, you'll upgrade your home's value.

Next steps:

At ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis, we fix door ailments, help you choose a new garage door and install new doors too!

But wait there's more.

We won't only fix things for you, we'll give you tips about how to maintain your garage door no matter its age or condition.

So are you curious whether you need to replace your garage door or if a tune-up and repairs will be enough? Well, if you're wondering these things, just put in a call to a reputable company like ProLift Doors.

If you reside in Greater St. Louis - including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County - give us a try. We know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to. We're professional, thorough and friendly too.

In St. Louis, get in touch with us: 636-362-6960 or visit our website to chat online, email questions, or even to schedule an appointment. New door estimates are always free so why not ask?

Outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri call 888-754-3063.

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Editor's note: Updated 6/17/2020

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