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Garage Door Repair and Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

Garage Door Repair and Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions

Garage Door Repair and Replacement: Frequently Asked Questions
Well, 2019 is almost in the rear view mirror.

And during 2019, we've repaired and installed A WHOLE LOT of garage doors for St. Louis homeowners. Each home is different. Every customer is unique. But most folks have similar questions when they call.

The conversation begins with one of two statements: 'My garage door is broken' or 'I need a new garage door' and then.... 'Do you do that?'


Either way -- garage door replacement or repair -- we can help!

Next, the discussion turns toward details; however, many specific questions are best answered during an in-person visit from us. To truly understand and diagnose most garage door problems, we need to see it! (But we'll never begin repair work without providing you the cost upfront AND visits for new door estimates are always free!).

So, here are some answers to questions YOU may have...

Garage Door FAQs:

"Boy I hear lots of noise when my garage door is moving. What could this mean?"


Well a noisy garage door is not only (really!) irritating, it indicates trouble. The 'fix' might be no big deal or it may be a bigger deal. But for the sake of YOUR safety and for the well being of your DOOR, NEVER ignore garage door noise!

Here are possible causes:

Rattling - If the nuts, bolts and screws of your garage door become loose, you'll hear a rattling (or clattering) sound. Unavoidable 'wear and tear' as well as temperature changes are the likely culprits. All door hardware should be snug!

Squeaking - If your garage door isn't well lubricated, the noise will be awful. Squeaking, shrieking, squealing is enough to grate on everyone's nerves. Proper lubrication is a quick fix. Why? Lubrication will ease the sounds of friction when dry metal garage door parts are scraping against each other. DIY Pro Tip: It's safest to use an all-weather lubricant specially made for garage doors. And don't use too much!

Still Noisy?- If hardware tightening and lubrication don't do the trick, well, then you probably need to replace one or more of your door's moving parts such as rollers, hinges, cables, tracks, or springs. Pros like us will pinpoint the problem and replace the worn-out or damaged parts in a jiffy and you'll be good to go.

Thumping, Clunking or Vibrating - When noise is NOT coming from the garage door itself, your OPENER may be having difficulty opening and closing your door. Depending on the exact issue, the opener may need to be repaired or totally replaced. Nowadays, quality garage door openers, such as LiftMaster, are 'whisper quiet' and will interface with smart home and delivery technology too.

"What does it mean when my garage door is REALLY hard to open? "


If your garage door is hard to open, that's definitely NOT the way it should be. The reason? The doors' weightiness could be caused by a single or several problems. And like noise, there are a few issues that will cause a door to feel 'heavy' or to be less-than-smooth while operating.

Here are possible causes:

Springs - Ideally the springs (torsion or extension springs) on your door should do the heavy lifting when it opens. When a spring breaks, boy-oh-boy it happens suddenly and you'll know it. A more gradual complication occurs as garage door springs become stretched out and are unable to maintain the proper tension. You may not notice stretching right away. But regardless, your springs need replacement and this is NOT a DIY job. Be sure to call a pro anytime garage door springs are involved.

Cables/Rollers - Frayed cables and worn out rollers will prevent your garage door from smooth operation. If you notice that either are in need of repair, don't wait because it's dangerous stuff when a cable snaps. Folks can get hurt and the door can get damaged. Save yourself some heartache and just call a professional from the start.

Panels/Sections - When garage door panels (often called sections) are bent, dented, warped or bowed, your garage door will not open well, if at all. When the damage is minimal, one or two sections can often be replaced. The trick is to match the remaining sections in color and design. But oftentimes, busted panels mean that it's just time to replace your entire door, especially when the door style is outdated.

Tracks - Garage door rollers should glide effortlessly along the tracks BUT if the tracks are out of alignment, bent, rusty or pulled away from the wall mounts.... Yikes. Say so-long to a smooth ride. But tracks can be replaced - individually or as part of a complete garage door replacement too.

"My garage door is closing really fast."


Similar to unwanted garage door noise, when your door is not opening or closing correctly the 'fix' might be no big deal OR it may be tragic. Complications could be linked to faulty springs, cables, tracks or the opener. And like other garage door problems, for the sake of your family's safety and for the well being of your door, NEVER ignore opening or closing troubles. Why? When a garage door falls too quickly, its parts are starting to fail. And trust me, you DON'T want to wait until the door crashes to the ground injuring people, pets or your vehicles... and the door itself. Don't procrastinate and don't let it happen to you.

Check out these articles for more detail and possible causes:

Garage Door Safety, Maintenance and Repair; If Your Garage Door ISN'T Broken, Fix It Anyway; and When To DIY and When NOT To DIY Garage Doors Repairs

"Should I just replace my garage door instead of repairing it?"

A standard answer is 'It depends'. Sometimes repair makes sense; other times garage door replacement is the smarter move if ongoing repair costs are inevitable and exceed the cost of a brand-new door. Nonetheless, it's impossible for any professional to accurately provide an answer without first looking at the door.

As we wrote previously in "Garage Door Replacement: When Is My Garage Door Beyond Repair?"....

"Just because your garage door isn't working properly, doesn't mean there isn't an economical way to fix it. Most door and system repairs are surprisingly affordable so don't panic. Schedule a reputable garage door company to check things out. BUT if your door often malfunctions AND detracts from the looks of your home, a new bright and clean, stylish door is a risk free home improvement..."


Key Takeaways:

  • If your garage door is making weird sounds, is straining to operate or is closing unusually fast, you need to schedule a service call.
  • Don't procrastinate because these problems won't go away. In fact, they'll get worse and become MORE expensive to repair as time goes by.
  • A pro will be able to tell you exactly what needs repair and how much it will cost.
  • If your garage door is old and repairs are extensive, a business like ProLift Doors will provide an estimate for a brand-new door too.
  • So either way - garage door repair or replacement - we can help!

Next Steps:

Are you wondering if the noise or operation of your garage door means you need a replacement door, OR could a simple check-up and tune-up do the trick? Well, if you’re wondering these things, just call a reputable company like ProLift Garage Doors. 'We know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to.' We're friendly, affordable and professional too!

Best of all, at Pro-Lift Garage Doors of St. Louis we not only work here and live here, we're homeowners just like you. So if you reside in the St. Louis, MO area – including surrounding communities such as West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County – give us a try.

Just pick up your phone and give us a call at (636) 362-6960 or touch base with us online if you'd like! With some pretty nifty features on our website, you can ask questions 24/7 or even schedule an appointment.

Do you live outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri? Simply call (888) 754-3063 or go here:

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