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St. Louis Garage Door Replacement: When Is My Garage Door Beyond Repair?

St. Louis Garage Door Replacement: When Is My Garage Door Beyond Repair?

St. Louis Garage Door Replacement: When Is My Garage Door Beyond Repair?

A common question we hear from St. Louis homeowners is, "Should I repair or replace my garage door?".

Fact: Whether you plan to stay in your home for years (and years!) or you're getting ready to put your house on the market, a new garage door is a sound investment with a dollar-for-dollar return... plus more.

In other words, as a homeowner you won't go wrong with a new garage door.

For more information about the true dollar value of a new door - as well as other home improvement projects - just go here, Ready To Remodel? These Renovations Will Pay Off the Most (and the Least) in 2019.

So now you know that a new garage door is a fantastic investment. But just like other things in your home, your door will eventually need maintenance and service by a professional. Now you might be thinking, "But when is it time to take the plunge, ditch the repairs and choose a replacement door instead?"

Here are five reasons to opt for a garage door replacement rather than a 'fix'.

Your garage door is a real eyesore: it's scratched, dented, rusted and outdated.

Anytime a garage door becomes an outdated eyesore it's time to consider a new one. Beyond old age, weather will also take its toll on the door -- from excessive sun damage and extremely cold temperatures to high winds, hail and tornadoes. The ruin can happen all at once or over time.

No matter the reason, if your garage door is downright ugly, it'll totally demolish your home's curb appeal and it's definitely time for a new one.

When someone bumps your garage door with a car.

It happens more than you might think.... someone accidentally rams into the garage door with their vehicle. When this happens, it's time to call-in-the-pros because the frame, tracks and panels are likely effected. If the damage is minor, fixing the tracks or replacing a panel might be an option. If the damage is more extensive, a new door may be necessary. A reputable garage door company will assess the situation and offer options (with prices) to resolve the problem.

Pro Tip: If your garage door is jammed after a vehicle run-in, NEVER force or jimmy the door open or closed. Forcing movement will make the situation worse. Much worse.

Your garage door's bent, warped and won't sit flush with the ground when closed.

If your garage door is crooked and there's a gap on the sides, on the top or between the bottom of the door and your garage floor, you've got yourself a problem. Even a small gap is a big deal. Why? Well, a gap of any size invites rain, ice, snow, hot/cold air, insects and small critters into your garage. It looks lousy too. The fix may be as simple as new weatherstripping or a floor threshold; however, the remedy might be more complicated. Don't take a chance - just call a pro.

Your garage door shakes when it opens or closes.

If your garage door shakes, jerks or vibrates when it opens or closes it's an indicator of a larger issue. Perhaps it's just a pulley problem, a failing spring or corroded rollers. Maybe it's the opener unit. Maybe it's a combination of problems - small or large - which becomes a whole other 'can of worms'.

Pro Tip: This type of thing ISN'T a DIY project and whatever you do, DO NOT continue to use your door!

Your garage door is OLD and breakdowns are ongoing.

If your garage door seems to have ongoing issues and subsequent breakdowns, you may find yourself asking, "Is it replacement time?". Maybe. Maybe not.

Components like springs, rollers, pulleys, hardware, and even openers can be replaced. But if an older door is seriously damaged, lacks current safety features, is energy INEFFICIENT, or is out of fashion, OPT FOR A NEW GARAGE DOOR. You'll be glad you did!


Key Takeaways:

  • Just because your garage door isn't working properly, doesn't mean there isn't an economical way to fix it. Most door and system repairs are surprisingly affordable so don't panic. Schedule a reputable garage door company to check things out.
  • BUT if your door often malfunctions AND detracts from the looks of your home, a new one is a risk free home improvement. New materials, colors and styles for today's garage doors will spruce up your house, reduce door maintenance, increase energy efficiency and provide new safety/security features... all for a high dollar return on the money spent.

Next Steps:

Wondering if the time is right for garage door replacement? Or maybe you can breathe new life into your existing door with a service call, safety check, tune-up and maintenance? Either way, we can help.

Homeowners trust us because we not only work here and live here, we're St. Louis homeowners just like you. We've helped folks who reside in all areas of Greater St. Louis including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County.

Give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

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