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St. Louis Mo: If Your Garage Door ISN'T Broken, Fix It Anyway

St. Louis Mo: If Your Garage Door ISN'T Broken, Fix It Anyway

St. Louis Mo: If Your Garage Door ISN'T Broken, Fix It Anyway

If your garage door isn't broken, fix it anyway. Huh? When it comes to garage doors, it's less expensive to fix them BEFORE they're broken. Wait, what?... Why?

All garage door systems consists of symmetrical mechanisms that MUST work in unison in order to properly balance the door every single time it opens and closes. If there's ONE problem with ONE component on ONE side, the whole thing is out of whack, causing the damage to spread to BOTH sides.

"How many parts work together?" A LOT. There are: springs, cables, rollers, tracks, sensors, transmitters/receivers, hinges, door sections, openers, remotes and more.

Here, take a look...


Are you now wondering what you should do to maintain all of these components in order to prolong the life of your garage door? Are you questioning if and when you should attempt to fix a door malfunction verses when it's time to call a professional garage door service?

Well, let us help...

5 Tips for Garage Door Safety, Maintenance and Repair

Tip #1 The Door Is Noisy

A noisy garage door is not only annoying, it's an indicator of problems. From initial squeaks and grinding to shrieking and a final 'thud', NOISE MEANS TROUBLE. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot. But any clatter made by your garage door should never be ignored.


Lubrication - Proper lubrication is often a needed and necessary quick-fix for garage door sounds. Friction causes a racket and garage door lubrication stops friction which, in turn, stops damage. Hint: For DIYers, be sure to use an all-weather lubricant made specifically for garage doors. And don't overdo it because too much of a good thing isn't a good thing at all!

Nuts and Bolts - Did you know that weather conditions can cause your door to make quite a commotion? When it's hot outdoors and the heat builds, garage door parts may need tightening as they expand. And then months later when it's cold outside, the exact opposite happens. Springs, in particular, are likely to become brittle and snap during winter months. (Oh, and intense direct sunlight, no matter the temperature, can confuse your garage door sensors too.)

Garage Door Opener - If the noise is NOT coming from the garage door itself, the source may be the opener and it may be time to replace it. Nowadays, quality garage door openers, such as LiftMaster, are 'whisper quiet' and will interface with smart home technology too.

Tip #2 The Door Won't Open

We hear it all the time... "Help! My garage door won't open!" Anytime a garage door won't budge, it's inconvenient and frustrating.


But before you panic, check to see if the sensor eyes have been bumped and are out of alignment. (They're small and located at the very bottom of the door, on each side.) Gently put them in the correct position and test the door.

Next, if your door opens from the wall switch but NOT with the remote, change the remote batteries. Test the door to see if the problem is solved.

If neither of these things work, you'll need to dig a little deeper in your owner's Opener Manual for a remedy. Or avoid the hassle and just go ahead to call a pro.

Tip #3 Out of Whack Tracks

Are your garage door tracks out of whack? Do you wonder how it happened? Well, there are plenty of reasons why your garage door tracks might need servicing including jammed by debris or misalignment. If, however, the tracks are bent, corroded and severely damaged, replacement tracks are necessary.

But whatever the reason for track problems, when you’re dealing with a broken, faulty or malfunctioning garage door, BEWARE. Garage doors are massive 'moving walls' and all components are under extreme tension. So, without the right knowledge and tools to do the job, things can go very badly, very quickly. Don't chance it.


Tip #4 Garage Floor Is Wet

How do you know when your door's weather seal needs to be replaced?

Well, if the seal (located at the bottom of your door) looks cracked or worn, replace it. If critters have chewed on it, replace it. If you see light coming under your door when it's closed, definitely replace it. If water is leaking into your garage and the floor is wet, replace the weather seal ASAP!

The good news: A garage door weather seal is a simple and inexpensive repair, so don't put it off. Head to the hardware store and grab a few tools. Or if you want to avoid the bother, just call a pro.

Tip #5 Last but not least - "Safety First"

Did you know that when the largest heaviest door in your house (aka your garage door) isn't working properly, it can cause serious injury to people, pets and vehicles? AND it's often the weakest link in your home security too!

But with the latest garage door safety features - along with proper maintenance and repair for older doors - injury need not be a worry. In addition, follow some simple (and practical!) security tips so that your garage door won't become an entry point for criminals either.

  • The most common garage door injuries to children are very preventable. Teach children to stay away from the garage door – don’t play underneath it, don’t duck under it while it’s moving, and never, ever play with the remote.
  • Likewise, garage door injuries to adults are avoidable. Routinely take care of your door with an annual safety check, tune up and preventative maintenance. Don't procrastinate on fixing a door that won't close properly. Recognize that do-it-yourself garage door repairs often exacerbate problems and result in injuries too. Other than simple adjustments, it's best to ditch garage door DIY repairs.
  • And for a door that does close properly, KEEP it closed, especially when you're away. Don't make it easy for thieves to enter your garage, and then your house. Lock the door that leads from the garage into your home and treat your opener's remote just like a house key!

Key Takeaways:

  • Thousands of people are injured each year by a garage door – from pinched fingers and lacerations to a complete door collapse. Take garage door safety and security seriously. Seriously!
  • If your door is a little noisy, try tightening the nuts, bolts and hinges and use a little lubrication to see if it helps. If your door is making a lot of noise and is struggling to open and close, it's best to call for professional help.
  • If your door won't open (but before calling for garage door services) make sure the garage door 'eyes' (sensors) are aligned and your remote's batteries are new.
  • Tracks are tricky. Unless there is obvious debris that's causing the rollers to drag, think twice about tackling tracks alone.
  • When it comes to simple weather stripping replacement, DIYers rejoice! You'll be pleased to know that you can replace it yourself. Buy the correct type of door seal and grab a few tools to get the job done!
  • Last but certainly not least, SAFETY FIRST! And when in doubt, just call a professional garage door service company. Look for a branded, licensed business with the right equipment and know-how to get the repair done quickly and correctly, without putting yourself at risk.
  • In upcoming weeks, we’ll tackle more garage door topics. So stay tuned
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Next Steps:

Are you thinking that your aging garage door needs to be replaced? Wondering, if instead, a thorough cleaning, tune up and needed repairs might do the trick instead?

Well, if you’re wondering these things, just call a reputable company like ProLift Doors. We know ALL about garage doors so you don't have to. We're friendly and professional too!

If you reside in the Greater St. Louis area – including West County, South County, St. Charles and St. Charles County – give us a try. As lifelong residents of St. Louis, we live here and work here too!

Just pick up the phone to call us, anytime, at (636) 362-6960. Or if you prefer to chat online, email questions or book an appointment, visit our website.

Outside of Greater St. Louis, Missouri, call (888) 754-3063.

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Editor's note:  Updated 5/2/2020

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