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Garage Door Tune-up in Savannah and Surrounding Areas of Georgia

When you own a home or a personal vehicle for a number of years, you should expect a range of failures and troubles to occur. When these problems are identified early on, they may be significantly less expensive to repair than allowing the problem to compound and worsen over time. A simple garage door tune up, which is comparable to the routine maintenance you undertake to keep your garage door running correctly, can help you save money and extend the life of your garage door and its components! ProLift Garage Doors of Savannah offers a 21-point safety inspection program that includes garage door tune up, lubrication, and general safety inspections to keep your door functioning and reliable for you and everyone in your family. Entrusting the maintenance of your garage door to our team of highly experienced technicians will save you money and time in the long term!

Our Signature Garage Door Tune-Up Service

Your garage door has most likely seen a lot of wear and tear during the years that you’ve been in your current property. On average, how many times a day do you open and close your garage door? To simply find this value, multiply the number of people in your household by two to reach the total, which is the average number of times your family opens and closes the garage door each day. Expect your overhead door frame to deteriorate and malfunction with time, as parts tend to fail or lose their reliability with repeated use. Whatever the situation, you can always count on us to deliver the garage door tune up services you require to get your garage door up and running again! Many Savannah and nearby area residents have benefited immensely from the following services:

  • Lubrication: Lubricating the hinges and joints of your garage door will lower the amount of stress exerted on the moving parts, hence eliminating the amount of noise or grinding created by your current construction.
  • 21-Point Safety Inspection: We will complete a 21-point safety examination on your garage door system as part of our comprehensive garage door tune up to guarantee that it is in functioning condition and free of flaws. Garage doors can get dangerously out of alignment if left untreated due to corrosion and fractures caused by time and routine use.
  • Opener Force Check: The amount of force required to operate your garage door will be measured in order to assess whether or not it is in good working order. If your garage door is not functioning properly, it is possible that it can come off its hinges, causing serious injury or damage to a cherished object, or even worse a family member.
  • Garage Door Tune Up: When we evaluate the state of your garage door and uncover any current or prospective problems, we always make it a point to thoroughly share them with you. This ensures that you are aware of everything that is contributing to the ongoing problems with your overhead door, as well as how our garage door tune up services may be able to help you resolve these essential concerns. Furthermore, this allows you to ask any queries you may have regarding our services.

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Are you eager to see how our garage door tune up services can make your overhead door feel like new again? You’re in luck! Our team of highly educated technicians is ready to provide you with the necessary equipment and knowledge to get your garage door up and running the same day you call us! To get in touch with one of our team members today can fill out our online form, or you can call our home office at (912) 328-5446. We are ambitious to meet you and provide you and your family with the garage door services you deserve in Savannah and the surrounding areas of Georgia!

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