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5 Steps to Child-Proof Your Garage Door

5 Steps to Child-Proof Your Garage Door

5 Steps to Child-Proof Your Garage Door

Garage Door Services For You and Your Children’s Safety

Did you know that a garage door can be opened easily by children? It's true! Without child-proofing your garage door, it could lead to injuries and even death.

ProLift Garage Doors have specialists that can help make your home safer for your children. Call us at (888) 754-3063 today to help protect your kids from potential danger in your homes.

How To Child Proof Your Garage Doors

As a parent, you want to make sure that your children are safe. To do this, you may be considering child-proofing your garage door. There are many different ways to child-proof your garage door. Below are five steps that you may want to take in order for your children's safety:

1. Install a Door Auto-Reverse Feature

One of the simplest ways to child-proof your garage door is by installing a door auto-reverse feature. This will keep children from being able to open it if they manage to get their hand on the garage remote.

2. Install Garage Door Guards

Another great way that you can childproof your garage doors is with a guard for them. Garage door guards are an excellent way to keep your children from being able to open the garage door.

There are many different features that you can install on a guard, such as a stop-gap where it will stop at opening if there is an obstruction in its path and sensors which will tell when someone has entered or left the vehicle so that it closes behind them.

3. Garage Door Photo-Eye and Sound Sensors

Older garage doors don't have photo-eye sensors. A photo-eye sensor is a device that detects when there has been an obstruction in its line of sight. When this happens, it automatically reverses the garage door to open up again and allows free passage through the opening with no problems for anyone involved.

Other features you can install on your garage doors are sound sensors which will be able to keep children safe from being injured while playing in or around the garage. You can also install a proximity sensor that will be able to detect when someone approaches and trigger an alarm.

4. Reposition The Door Opener

Another tip is to reposition the garage door opener so that it can't be reached by anyone in or around the area. If you have a lever type of door, be sure children can't reach it in any way. You'll want to install a remote control on your vehicle and keep it with you at all times when parking outside of your home.

5. Use Rubber To Seal Gaps in Door Panels

Young kids love to explore that they have the habit to put their hands and fingers everywhere! A child's tiny fingertips can easily get lodged in garage door panel gaps. Caulk the gaps so that they are sealed and your kids can't reach them.

Let Prolift Keep Your Home and Your Children Safe

Contact Prolift Garage Door Services right away if you're worried about your child's safety around your garage door. We can help to make your home the safest place possible for you and your family.

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