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Functional Upgrades For Your Garage Doors

Functional Upgrades For Your Garage Doors

Functional Upgrades For Your Garage Doors

Keeping Your Garage Door’s Functionality With The Latest Technology

Thinking of garage door upgrades but not sure where to start? When considering upgrades for your garage door, take into account the cost of upgrading, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different garage doors.

ProLift Garage Doors prides itself as a market leader when it comes to the latest and most updated garage door technologies today. If you’re looking for ideas on where to get started, you can call us today at (888) 754-3063 to know the best options for your home and commercial properties.

Top Upgrades To Consider For Your Garage Door

If you are in the market for a new door, check out our must-have list for the best garage door technologies available today.

Smart Door Opener

Have you ever forgotten to close your garage door only to realize it after dropping off your children? A smart opener can be your solution and save you the trouble of rushing home and closing the door. With this advanced technology, you can control your door remotely or directly from your smartphone. This product is an intelligent garage door opener and available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

With an intelligent opener, you can monitor your entry and exit more accurately. You can also control the security of your home. The best part is you can program your door opener to send you notifications every time someone opens or closes the door.

Insulation For Your Garage Doors

This is not necessarily a technological upgrade, but it is nevertheless one to consider. Garage door insulation has made great strides in recent years. It offers insulation usually from polyurethane foam, a type of superior insulation that improves energy efficiency. This helps to maintain the differing temperature between the inside and outside of your homes. In effect, you’ll get to save costs from heating and cooling drastically.

If your doors are not currently insulated, you should consider replacing them today.

Keyless Garage Door Keypad

You or your children might have experienced losing a key to a room in a house. If this happens to be your garage door, then you’re out of luck.

To avoid this similar scenario happening again, keyless garage door keypads are another upgrade you might want to consider. Not only do they allow you to Open or close your garage door without remote control or key, but they can also be helpful when you find yourself accidentally locked out of your home and property.

They usually come with features like rolling passcodes and interior lighting that help increase the security of your home. This is an upgrade that’s worth it for every member of the family.

Photoelectric Sensors

Some accidents from garage doors are caused by lacking an auto-reversing mechanism. This is a feature of the latest garage doors wherein it automatically stops to avoid crushing any object along its tracks.

Photoelectric sensors are necessary for this function. Garage doors, which have been manufactured since 1993, are equipped with these sensors as a safety measure. If you aren’t on the market for a completely new door, you can retrofit your door to not have a photoelectric sensor. To get this task done, it’s always best to consider the assistance of a professional garage door company.

Ready To Get Your Door Upgraded?

The list we provided above contains only a few of the best and most popular upgrades we have for garage doors. Whether it’s a smart door opener, photoelectric sensors, keyless opener, or garage door insulation, any upgrade that improves your door’s performance is an absolute bang for the buck!

If you've decided to have one of these done on your door, or are still looking for some options, Prolift Garage Doors has the answer. Not only do we offer some of the best garage doors in the industry, but we can also provide installation of the latest and greatest technological upgrades on your door. Call us at (888) 754-3063 today to know more about what we can offer!

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