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8 Housekeeping Tips for a Wooden Garage Door

8 Housekeeping Tips for a Wooden Garage Door

8 Housekeeping Tips for a Wooden Garage Door

Make Your Wooden Garage Door Last Longer


Wooden garage doors are an excellent choice for many homeowners because they can be customized to fit any style. They're also less expensive than metal doors, but beware — wooden doors have some disadvantages too. For example, their porous surface allows water to penetrate easier. In addition, the lack of protection from rain or snow leaves them susceptible to rot. Thus, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, it may not make sense to have this door type.


However, if you decide that wood is suitable for you, don't worry – there's help available! Contact our Prolift Garage Door team at (888) 754-3063. We have years of experience installing all types of garage doors, including wooden models. We offer repairs, as well as new installations on both steel and wood garages.


Tips To Maintain Your Wooden Garage Door


It is essential to maintain your garage door regularly. This will help prevent dirt from getting stuck in the cracks and crevices of the wood, which can lead to mold growth. Other ways include:


1. Use Mild Soap And Water To Clean The Door Every Month


Start with wiping down your garage door with a clean cloth or mop every month to remove spills. It will also help you scrub off any dirt that builds upon the surface of your garage door, causing permanent stains in your wood as it dries on top of them.


If you want to go above and beyond, you may use diluted bleach or ammonia mixed with warm water. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply it evenly without scrubbing too hard on the wood's finish. Then, rinse with cold water after cleaning.


Also, if there is an accumulation of grime in the grooves around or underneath your garage door, you may use a cleaning agent specifically designed for wood.


2. Use Acrylic Sealant


To avoid cracking, chipping, and peeling paint use an acrylic sealant designed for exterior surfaces. Apply coats of sealer and let each layer dry thoroughly.


3. Keep Your Garage Door Lubricated


If the wood has become dry and brittle, use penetrating oil to restore its moisture. Then, use a nylon brush or lint-free cloth to apply it evenly without scrubbing too hard on the wood's finish.


4. Think About Your Old Garage Doors


Plan for what you want to do with your old wood garage doors when it's time for them to be replaced. You may wish to give them away or sell them if they are in good condition and want the cash. However, it's also an excellent idea to repurpose your old doors into something else like an outdoor bench.


5. Brush Off Any Cobwebs From Time To Time


Although not directly related to wooden garage doors, this practice can prevent spiders from coming into your home and improving air circulation for the garage.


6. If There Is Any Crack In The Door, Be Sure To Fill Them With A Wood Filler


This step does not only help in preventing intruders from entering your property, but it can also help prevent water damage.


7. Don't Forget The Hinges


If operating a manual opener, be sure to oil the hinges and knobs every few months for easy operation. You can use any lubricant, but it is often recommended to use non-toxic ones. Also, don't forget to inspect all the hinges on the door to ensure they are tight and free of any rust or corrosion. If there is, then it's time for a new set of hinges.


8. Consider The Door's Remote Control, Too


If the garage has an automatic opener with a remote keypad, be sure to change the battery in both every year. This can help prevent your remote from being defective, which could cause you to get locked out of your house.


Expert Care For Your Wooden Garage Doors


Prolift Garage Door is your best bet for protecting and preserving the beauty of your wooden garage door. Our team is composed of experts in all areas of garage doors, including both metal and wood.


We've seen how quickly these beautiful wooden pieces can deteriorate when they aren't adequately cared for, and we understand that you want to keep yours looking great. This is why we offer a wide variety of services, so you never have to worry about their safety or functionality again. If you need professional help with any aspect of your home's garage area, call us today at (888) 754-3063!

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