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3 DIY Garage Door Repairs That Can Kill You

3 DIY Garage Door Repairs That Can Kill You

3 DIY Garage Door Repairs That Can Kill You

How To Prevent Your Garage Door From Killing You

Garage doors are a necessity for most homes. They provide security and peace of mind, not to mention the convenience modern doors offer. However, just like other parts of your home, there are moments that they need repairs, too.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) garage door repairs can be tempting because they may seem like an easy way to save money. However, this type of repair may be dangerous and should never be attempted! If you have garage door repair needs or questions, contact your local garage door technician at Prolift Garage Door services today!

Serious Dangers of Garage Door DIY

Garage doors are helpful to have in a home, but trying to fix them on your own can be life-threatening. Here are some scenarios demonstrating how DIY garage door repairs can kill you.

1. Low-Hanging Garage Door Cables

DIY garage door repairs often involve replacing cables and springs designed to suspend the heavy garage door. They must also be positioned securely with no slack in the system.

Unfortunately, DIY repairs don't always follow these guidelines, which leads to hanging garage door cables. These cables can be dangerous if they are low enough to hit someone in the head or neck area.

To avoid this dangerous DIY garage door repair mistake, contact Prolift Garage Door services today for help from an experienced technician.

2. Garage Door That Is Too High Off The Ground

Garage door DIY repairs often involve replacing springs and cables, which must be suspended from a sturdy pulley system. In addition, DIY repair workers must ensure that the garage door is within an appropriate height range to avoid severe injury or death caused by heavy doors dropping unexpectedly on unsuspecting victims.

If you have any DIY repair projects, contact a professional immediately to avoid unwanted scenarios. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to inspect the garage door opener for potential repairs.

3. Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

The DIY garage door repair is not complete if the garage door opener is malfunctioning. The door opener is the part of the garage door that moves it up and down.

Ideally, when someone is fixing the garage door, they should also be inspecting the opener. This is because the garage door's safety mechanism may not work if there are any issues with the opener. However, DIY repairs usually only deal with the door itself and not the opener. This practice could lead to potential safety hazards for those who use it later on. Thus, always call a professional when working with DIY garage door projects to be aware of potential safety hazards and experience, knowledge, and top quality service.

Garage Door Experts For Your Safety

There are DIY garage door repairs that can kill you if done improperly. Therefore, it is always best to call a professional who has the experience and knowledge of how your garage door works so you can be aware of potential safety hazards when working with them.

If you need experts to help you with your DIY garage door repairs, please contact Prolift Garage Door at (503) 308-6096. We are a top-rated company that can help you with all of your garage door needs.
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