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How To Increase Your Garage Door Security

How To Increase Your Garage Door Security

How To Increase Your Garage Door Security

A garage door is an important part of every home. Aside from offering the convenience of entering or exiting your property, it also helps in securing and safeguarding vehicles and other valuable things inside your garage. The experts at ProLift Garage Doors know the importance of ensuring that your garage doors are in their tip-top shape and best performance. Call us at (503) 308-6096 today to help you with any issues arising from faulty garage doors or if you’re looking to have your current door replaced and installed with a new one.

Typical American homes do not have their garages secured, making their houses easy targets for experienced burglars. According to statistics, 9% of burglars will break in through the garage. With this number in mind, it is more important than ever to secure your garage from break-ins. Read the top three ways on how you can prevent this incident from happening in your homes.

1. Prevent the access to the Release Lever

Though used for emergency purposes such as power cuts or mechanical problems, the release lever can be used by burglars to open your garage. This is done through “fishing”, wherein they insert a straightened coat hanger through the top of your door. They then hook it to the lever, pull it, so the door can be released and opened.

In order to prevent access to the release lever, garage door shields can be bought and installed to your doors. You can also use a zip tie to lock the release lever in its place.

2. Secure your garage door opener.

Burglars are aware that garage door openers are usually clipped in the visors of your car. Aside from providing them easy access to your remote, older garage door openers also have static codes which make accessing your garage a lot easier.

To avoid this, treat your garage door opener the way that you treat the key to your homes. This is done by replacing it with a keychain remote that you can bring wherever you go. Also, a smart garage door opener would allow you to ensure the security of your homes through a smartphone. Many modern garage door openers also use rolling codes that will make hacking the access difficult for these burglars.

3. Replace your garage door.

Considering to have your old wooden garage door replaced with a new and steel one could help you burglar-proof your home. Using an insulated one, can also make it almost impossible to get into your property. Though with a cost ranging from $260-$2,300 or at an average, $1,200, nothing is more precious and valuable than having a sense of security inside your own home.

Break-ins and burglaries are every person’s nightmare. Yet by taking safety precautions and increasing security in your residences, such fear can be managed and dealt with. ProLift Garage Doors have qualified and highly trained technicians committed to ensuring that your garage doors are safe and reliable. We are client-focused and have your safety as our top priority. Call us at (503) 308-6096 today so we can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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