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Why Does Your Garage Door Make A Loud Noise?

Why Does Your Garage Door Make A Loud Noise?

Why Does Your Garage Door Make A Loud Noise?

If You Have A Noisy Garage Door, It’s Time To Get It Fixed!

We know how frustrating it is when your garage door makes noise. It can be very disruptive and even cause problems with the rest of your home. That’s why we offer professional garage door service that will fix any issues with your garage door so that you never have to worry about the noise again.

If you want a quiet garage door, then don’t hesitate to call Prolift Garage Door today!

Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Making A Loud Noise

There are many possible reasons why a garage door makes noise. Here are a few some of them:

Your Garage Door Could Be Out Of Alignment

If you hear a loud screeching noise when the door opens, it could be because your garage door is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. In this case, you might want to have a professional come out and adjust the alignment of your garage door tracks.

Your Springs Might Need To Be Replaced

A squeaky sound may indicate that your springs need to be replaced. Garage door springs are an essential element of the door system. If they become loose, it can affect how smoothly your garage door opens and closes. Over time, the springs may also weaken, and this could cause a loud noise as well.

Your Garage Door Is Not Lubricated Correctly

If you hear a clunking sound as the door closes, it might mean that you need to lubricate the moving parts of your door. This is especially important if you hear a loud pop or clunking sound when opening or closing your garage door.

There Might Be Something Caught In Between The Tracks

A grinding noise might mean something caught in between the tracks that will require professional assistance to get out.

Rollers Might Be Stuck On Debris

If you notice a clicking or clunking sound, this can often happen if one of the rollers gets stuck on debris such as leaves or dirt. Remove any obstructions from beneath the roller and see if that fixes it. If not, you may have to have the rollers replaced.

A Loose Cable

If your door makes an intermittent buzzing noise, this may just be caused by loose cables. Loose cables can be a simple fix to a significant issue. It can be fixed by simply tightening the cable in place, which might not require a professional. However, it will be best to seek assistance from a professional garage door company to ensure the problem is fixed. It's also essential to regularly inspect your garage door cables so that loose cables don't become a more serious problem.

Looking For A Solution To Your Noisy Garage Door?

A noisy garage door can be a real nuisance. It's not just annoying to hear, but it also makes you nervous about the safety of your family and possessions.

If your garage door is making noise when it opens and closes, we can help. Prolift Garage Doors offer professional and reliable service for all of our customers. Our technicians are trained to provide excellent service and will be there when you need us most! Call us today at (503) 308-6096 for your residential and commercial garage door needs.

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