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Top Materials For Garage Doors

Top Materials For Garage Doors

Top Materials For Garage Doors

Good Materials For Your Garage Door

Knowing what material to make your garage door out of maybe a daunting task. We’re here to point you in the right direction with some of the most widely-used, available, and versatile materials out there.


Aluminum was once seen as a weak and poor choice of material when it comes to structural purposes, but leaps in manufacturing techniques allowed aluminum to overtake stainless steel in popularity as the metal of choice for garage doors.

Aluminum is lighter, cheaper to produce, and similar to strength and weather resistance to stainless steel. Aluminum garage door panels can be fitted with almost any type of glass including tinted, clear, and frosted.

A downside to using aluminum, however, is that it doesn’t accept paint coatings as readily as stainless steel and that it dents easily. You need specially formulated paint and primers to properly weatherproof an aluminum garage door. You also need to take more care of it since denting can greatly affect the structural integrity of the whole panel. If you can find the proper paint to coat your aluminum garage door, then not much out there can give you more bang for your buck than aluminum.


Wood is an excellent material if you’re looking for a more rustic look for your garage door. Wood is very durable and can be fabricated to fit almost any shape.

Wood has great structural properties, can be painted almost any color, comes in many varieties and species to suit the look you’re looking for.

Wood, however, needs some extra TLC if you want to make it last a lifetime. Wood has a tendency to rot if it gets wet often. Regularly applying a coat of varnish or lacquer can prevent this by preventing water from entering the pores of the wood.


There’s a reason why steel is the most popular material for constructing garage doors. It’s a universal material meaning there’s no shortage so the price is very low. It’s very easy to machine, and there are many types of steel to cater to any need.

Steel is very durable and can withstand large amounts of damage. Even if you nick your vehicle on your garage door, it won’t show much damage. Steel doors last for a very long time and you’ll probably have some sort of mechanical failure first than the actual door needing replacement.


Fiberglass is a composite material made by reinforcing plastic resin with modified glass fibers. This results in a material with the strength of steel coming only at about one-tenth of the weight of comparable strength steel.

Fiberglass is also more repairable than steel making small repairs very easy endeavors. You can paint over fiberglass relatively easily, it can be premade into any shape using the appropriate molds, and it’s also relatively soundproof if that’s something that’s important to you or your neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a material that isn’t as heavy as steel but possesses all of the structural strength of steel, then consider fiberglass as your choice of material.

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