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The Most Common Garage Door Problems

The Most Common Garage Door Problems

The Most Common Garage Door Problems

Garage Door Problems And Their Fixes

Garage doors aren’t just about security, they offer privacy, they’re convenient entrances and exits from your home, and even protection for your vehicles – assuming your garage door is actually working as intended. Calling Garage door professionals like us here at Prolift can significantly decrease the stress that common issues can cause you.

If your garage door is having one of the six following problems, then you may need to call a local garage door repair company, like us here at Prolift, if you’re unable to troubleshoot the problem on your own.

As garage door repair experts serving Portland, Oregon, we recommend these solutions for some of the most common garage door problems you can encounter.

The Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

It can be frustrating if the garage door opener doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. This is a common issue some simple fixes:

  • First, check to make sure the device is plugged in.

  • Next, make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped, which may have halted the flow of electricity to the opener.

Noises When In Operation

If your garage door makes weird noises, this usually means that the door needs to be lubricated. You may also hear squeaking if you have metal rollers and metal tracks installed. Replacing the metal rollers with nylon ones should dim the noise. If none of these solutions address the problem, then garage door installation professionals can help you identify the cause.

If your garage door opener is making a grinding noise, then you may be looking at an entirely different problem:

  • Failing parts in the opener: Are the teeth wearing down? Then the chain may be slipping out of place. Remotes that use couplers may also need those replaced.

  • Parts need lubrication: When your opener doesn’t have the right lubricant, it can cause wear on the parts, and they won’t work as well. A change in weather can also impact the function of the parts.

  • Misaligned tracks: Hinges and wheels take on undue pressure when the tracks are aligned incorrectly, leading to the grinding noise in the remote.

If your garage door makes a banging noise when opening, don’t panic. Annoying and dangerous-sounding noises, like grinding, squeaking, or friction can be also fairly simple to fix.

Improper Garage Door Opening and Closing

If your garage door opens, then immediately closes, or otherwise closes without you pushing any buttons, then the door springs may need to be replaced. It’s recommended to replace both garage door springs to fix the door.

You should consult with a trusted garage door installer to determine which springs should be replaced. When you only replace one spring, you’ll likely have to eventually replace the other since it’s bound to wear out too.

Your Garage Door Opens Unexpectedly

But what if the door opens when you don’t want it to? This may mean that the photo eye, or the sensors along the bottom of the door, are misaligned. The sensors may also be dirty or broken.

Look for a flashing green light on the devices. This light indicates that the safety feature is working. Measure each from the floor to the eye, then from the wall to the eye.

You can also ask your neighbors what type of remote they have. Sometimes remotes have the same settings and may control each other’s doors. You may be dealing with a circuit board issue if none of the previous solutions work.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Close All The Way

If the garage door doesn’t close all the way, leaving gaps at the bottom, then you may need to use pipe insulation and secure the unsealed area at the bottom. However, if the door won’t release all the way down then something else may be interfering with the door’s closing mechanisms.

Check on the close-limit switch, which could be on the wrong settings. The close-limit switch stops the motor from running, and it may be set to prevent the door from closing. Sometimes rusted rollers can also spark issues with closing. Contact a professional for their advice and repair recommendations if your garage door still won’t close all the way.

An Unresponsive Remote

When the door doesn’t respond to the wall controls, remote, or keyless entry devices, then there may be an issue with the photo eyes. Check the eyes for light. If they aren’t on, then reset them from the breaker. You can also try locating the opener’s power supply. Is it getting power? Test the outlet. If this doesn’t work, you can contact us here at Prolift for diagnostics and repairs.

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