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Energy Efficient Garage Doors And Why You Should Get One Now

Energy Efficient Garage Doors And Why You Should Get One Now

Energy Efficient Garage Doors And Why You Should Get One Now

When living in Portland, Oregon, sufficient home insulation is paramount for year-round comfort. While most homes contain plenty of insulation to protect living spaces from heat gain, unfortunately, most garages don’t. In terms of temperature regulation, the garage is one of the most frequently overlooked areas in most modern homes, but at Prolift Garage Doors Portland, we aim to change this mindset. According to this article, energy-efficient home designs rely heavily on a comprehensive study of the entire living space, and that includes any attached garages. Below, we’ve outlined how an insulated garage door installation can help improve the energy efficiency of your entire home.

Temperature Regulation

If you have an attached garage, energy efficiency should be one of your primary concerns. That’s because, generally, the garage shares an adjacent wall with one or more living areas in your home. Without sufficient insulation, drastic temperature differences between your living areas and the interior of the garage can make indoor temperature control a serious challenge. That’s where energy-efficient, insulated garage doors come into play.

In terms of temperature insulation and regulation, insulated, energy-efficient garage doors offer concrete benefits that non-insulated doors do not. These include:

● Improved temperature regulation in adjacent living areas leading to increased thermal efficiency.

● Decreased heating and cooling-related energy consumptions throughout the day/year.

● Reduced temperature-related wear and tear effects on parked vehicles

● Improved temperature retention in the interior garage space, providing a more comfortable work space for DIY or home improvement projects

What’s more, insulated garage doors almost always yield a higher return on investment than their non-insulated counterparts.

Energy-efficient garage door installations also typically boost an average home’s resale value by approximately five percent. That’s a lot of return for not a whole lot of capital.

Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

Longevity and Durability

Because energy-efficient garage doors contain a layer of thick insulation sandwiched between single or dual panels, they’re far more durable than their non-insulated counterparts in terms of general use. When a garage door features multiple layers of insulating material, it’s far less prone to denting and showing signs of environmental damage. Both of these factors can potentially shorten the life of the door. However, because the lifespan of most garage doors depends heavily on the regularity of their use, your mileage may vary.

Improved Noise Reduction Capabilities

Non-insulated garage doors are notoriously very noisy, which can present an issue if your garage shares an adjoining wall with any living or sleeping areas inside your home. Much like wall insulation helps absorb sound between rooms in your home, garage door insulation helps dampen operation-related noise generated inside your garage through your vehicle or DIY projects, as the garage can also serve as a workshop if it’s large enough. Though noise reduction isn’t usually a primary concern during the garage door selection process, it’s a feature that certainly won’t go unappreciated in the long run.

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