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How To Replace A Garage Door Lift Cable

How To Replace A Garage Door Lift Cable

How To Replace A Garage Door Lift Cable

A Step-by-Step Guide To Help You

It is nice to have a strong garage door, but what’s the point of having one when it constantly malfunctions? The garage door lift cable translates the force generated by the motors to open and close the actual garage door panel. There could be a possibility of it getting damaged over time. This can lead to the overhead garage door not functioning properly.

In such a case, the replacement of the lift cable is the only way to go since there are no easy fixes for lift cable damage. A replacement will almost always be the option you should go for and we at Prolift Garage Doors can provide you with the necessary professional services.

Safety Reminders

It is important, before you do any work on your garage door, that you wear the proper safety equipment, take the proper safety precautions and use the correct tools. Failure to do so can lead to injury, especially when dealing with a large and powerful machine like a garage door.

Here’s the equipment you’ll need to replace your garage door cables:

Sockets with different fittings

Protective eyewear

Safety gloves

Vice grip

The proper replacement cables

Winding bars

Wrenches of different sizes

One more aspect you should consider is to make sure that your surroundings are free from obstructions to prevent any sort of accident. Since there are moving parts involved, obstructions may present a problem.

Removing The Garage Door

First, you must pull on the emergency release handle to disengage the garage door. If you don’t do this, the garage door may fall on you, potentially damaging property, injuring you, or damaging the door.

Use a vice grip just underneath the roller on the bottom corner of each side of the door to hold the door open as you pull the cables free. Be careful around sharp edges and frays as these can cut you.

At the center of a door, unscrew the set screws on the springs. For safety, fully insert winding bars, using them both at the same time. Unwind until all tension is loosened.

Use your wrench to loosen set screws on the cable drum, which is usually situated on the top left side of the door. Remove all cable from the cable drum. Near the bottom of the door, use a ratchet and socket to remove the bottom lag screw. Remove the bottom bracket, then pull the cable out of the bracket.


There are a few types of equipment that come in use when replacing the garage door lift cable. Analyze the size of the door and know the different sizes of equipment that will come in need. These include a winding bar, eyewear, grips, gloves, sockets of various fittings, wrenches of different sizes, and the essential material, the proper replacement cable. The cable’s length should also be properly based on the door.

If at any point you feel like you can’t go further or you don’t feel confident enough to proceed with the repairs, call professionals such as the ones here at Prolift Garage Doors today. You can sit back and relax because our professionals have years upon years of experience with all types of garage door repairs, including replacing the garage door lift cables.

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