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4 Ways Winter Damages your Garage Door

4 Ways Winter Damages your Garage Door

4 Ways Winter Damages your Garage Door

How The Cold Affects Your Garage Door

Aside from the frigid temperature and expensive heating bills, cold winter weather can also damage parts of your property and even your appliances. This can even include your trusty garage door. While it may seem unimportant at first, having a working garage door is as important as having any other part of your house working in its best condition, particularly during the winter season where your properties can be exposed to hail, snow, or wind damages. ProLift Garage Doors understands the importance of having your vehicles and other personal belongings protected from the elements and the harsh winter weather. Call us today at (503) 308-6096 for quick, professional and affordable garage door repair services.

As an important asset to every home, a garage door can offer you the convenience of entering or exiting your home by the mere push of a button. It can also improve the general attractiveness of your home from the sidewalk to a prospective buyer. However, as it is exposed outside to the changing weather, it is also expected to experience increased ordinary wear and tear during drastic weather changes or seasons such as winter. Let’s look at the four most common ways that winter damages your garage door.

Locked Garage Door Tracks

Metal expands when it is heated, and contracts when cooled. Thus, it is no wonder that the long exposure to heat and cold would result in its distortion. Distortion in garage doors would usually manifest in locked metal tracks making mobility for the garage door difficult. Aside from replacing your weather seal, using a heater for your garage during winter could also prevent this from happening.

Broken or Busted Springs

Cold weather can easily break garage door springs, particularly when they are old. Busted springs can be detected when you hear a loud pop like a firecracker or when your opener motor is working but the door isn’t moving. It is never advisable to open a garage door with a broken spring particularly if you do not have the expertise to do so as it can be risky and at times, fatal.

Ground Freeze or Frozen Threshold

This usually occurs when precipitation enters a garage door’s weather seal and freezes. This results in the door’s inability to be opened and can be remedied by pouring warm water over the frozen area until it melts completely. Other tips include the use of a heat gun or a scraping tool on the frozen part.

Remote Problems

Though not directly caused by the cold weather, it is always smart to check if your remote needs a set of fresh batteries before calling in the experts. Additionally, fluctuating weather and temperature can mess up the infrared safety sensors that run along the bottom of your garage door. Cleaning the lenses and realigning the sensors would usually fix this problem for you.

If the cold winter temperature is affecting your garage door, call the garage door specialists from ProLift Garage Doors at (503) 308-6096 today. Our service record, competent technicians and customer-focused attitude guarantee that the inconvenience brought by any garage door issues can be resolved in no time.
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