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Tips On How To Choose a New Garage Door

Tips On How To Choose a New Garage Door

Tips On How To Choose a New Garage Door

Helpful Tips For Buying A Garage Door

Garage doors have become so common that it just becomes one of those things you don’t really think about like the left-overs in your fridge that you swore you’d reheat. However, when your garage door finally stops working, and it will stop working, due to the normal wear and tear of daily use, you may get overwhelmed by the number of features and specifications that different garage door manufacturers offer. You don’t really want to just half-ass choosing your garage door either since your safety is involved here.


Here’s a curated list of things that you need to consider when looking for garage doors.


Standard Dimensions

Most garage doors come in pre-fabricated dimensions. It’s like fitting in a piece on a puzzle board. Usually, garage doors measure 8 by 7 feet for single-door and 16 by 7 feet for double-door configurations. Be sure to double-check the dimensions listed on the manufacturer’s page.


If you can’t find the right size of garage door for your home, you can always ask the manufacturer if they can do custom fabrication for you. These often cost a bit more than the standard ones but making sure that your garage door is the proper size for your garage is one of, if not the most important parameter.


Locking mechanism

This aspect is what probably had the most choices from this article. This is because security and lock technology has come a long way from the days of lock-and-chain.


These days, security measures like fingerprint identification, voice recognition, and even full-blown biometric systems are becoming more and more popular. Nobody wants their home to be broken into, so consider carefully what security level you want for your garage door as some unsavory characters may identify this as a point of weakness in your home’s security.


Materials and Sound Proofing

Along with the advancements in security technology came the advent of composite materials, which are materials that aim to take advantage of the strengths and tries to mitigate the weaknesses of each of their components to create a superior, more well-rounded material.


Fiberglass, steel, wood, and heavy aluminum are all viable options for garage door materials, and choosing one will depend on what conditions the door will be exposed to. If you live in an area that receives a particularly large amount of rainfall, then wood may not be the best material to choose from.


Likewise, soundproofing is also an important factor in making material choices. You don’t want to wake the entire neighborhood when doing some car repairs or if you choose to turn your garage into a sort of mini-workshop. Make sure to find suitable materials that can offer ample soundproofing to your garage.


Remote Access

Having remote control over your garage door can be a God-send. Locking yourself out of your garage is a real pain, but hanging remote access to your garage door will definitely eliminate this nuisance. Some manufacturers even offer apps that you can install on your phone or integrate into your smart home system that add functionality to your garage door, like having it automatically open when it senses your vehicle approaching.
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